Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail solutions

Implemented by RSM, a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Partner

RSM’s Microsoft retail consultants are among the top ranked across the globe, bringing the reality of a fully unified, next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) to life for retailers determined to meet the dynamic demands of today’s increasingly aware, connected and empowered consumers.

Replacing disparate and often disconnected legacy retail systems with an integrated, single-platform, end-to-end solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers the seamless, real-time, omnichannel experiences retailers need to be global in reach, yet authentically personal in interactions— attracting, delighting and retaining their customers.

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Today’s retail reality

Yesterday’s retail paradigms have shifted seismically and permanently, ushering in previously unimagined retail opportunities, all tied directly to seemingly insurmountable operational, technical and consumer-engagement challenges.

The lines separating manufacturers, distributors and retailers are blurring due to an ever-expanding e-commerce presence, enabling more companies to sell directly to consumers. While this direct channel brings opportunities, it also further complicates the retail environment with their continuous need for expansion domestically and globally. 

Consider the paradox of consumer opportunity and liability for today’s retailers:  

Brick & Mortar

Providing stellar in-store experiences through personalized service, productive visits and positive convenience.


Driving cross-sale opportunities for additional revenue.

Call Center

Delivering omni-channel sales and service data for a complete view of the customer.       


Taking advantage of new mobile Point of Sale technologies on tablets and other mobile devices.

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RSM's focus on retail

Attempting to tackle these formidable challenges without the benefits of a robust enterprise resource planning (retail ERP) system from RSM could significantly hamper growth. RSM specializes in addressing these retail challenges while delivering measurable improvements and efficiencies to critical business operations.

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Technical mastery meets industry depth-Why RSM leads the pack

As a globally recognized Microsoft Gold Partner, RSM enjoys the highest-level partnerships, training and certifications with Microsoft. With a technical team that boasts several of the world's most notable Dynamics developers, RSM unites the industry's top-tier Dynamics resources with its deep retail industry knowledge and a track record of success to consistently offer its clients the best of all worlds. The RSM team of developers and consultants were also authors and implementers for RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 accelerators for retail which are now standard offerings to the Microsoft Dynamics for retail product.

Uniquely positioned to help retail clients grow and scale their businesses; simplify and speed processes; and make smarter, faster, better-informed decisions, RSM brings measurable improvements to critical retail business operations, including:

  • Customer service
  • Point of sale and e-commerce
  • Order entry and fulfillment
  • Cross-channel retail order and supply chain
  • Financials and human resources
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management, order fulfillment, warehouse operations
  • Merchandising, pricing and promotions, loyalty and rewards
  • Contact center operations

Modern retail-Why Microsoft Dynamics remains a "must have"

With operational and customer-facing requirements as vast and changeable as the speed and scale of modern commerce, today's retailers require a solution that demonstrates "the power of one"-uniting every operational area into a single system that also provides a 360-degree view of the customer and facilitates seamless omnichannel experiences for consumers. Microsoft's proven Dynamics for Retail solutions deliver best-in-class solutions to address the range of complex and interdependent challenges that can determine a retailer's success or failure:

  • Disparate systems in disrepair: Rarely if ever before have retail systems been so unequal to the jobs they are tasked with accomplishing. The vast majority of retailers surveyed by Microsoft acknowledge running disparate, outdated, unconnected systems that remain costly to maintain despite their lack of efficiency or operational value-these systems provide little to no visibility to customers or employees across retail channels and offer virtually no functionality to support business growth.
  • Technology-driven industry transformation: Today's retailers face new, disruptive, and continually evolving changes in every aspect of how people shop-from how, when and where they access information-to social influences that simply did not exist even just a short time ago. Technology has empowered today's consumer with information and access that have placed buyers squarely-and most likely permanently-in the retail driver's seat.
  • Single view of a complex consumer: To effectively provide the seamless omnichannel experiences that nurture purchasing, ongoing engagement and repeat buying, retailers must not only have accurate, real-time data on when, where and how the customer shops and makes decisions, but also the business intelligence that turns that data into actionable insights and better decision-making.

Addressing each of these business-critical factors, Microsoft Dynamics for Retail delivers superior ease of use and integration, coupled with lower cost of ownership, as compared with competing solutions-this enables retailers to meet, and often exceed demands for flexible, adaptable operations in an industry characterized by dynamic change and transformation.

The retail end game-Players, goals, and behaviors

So what's the bottom line on the relationships between retailers, their customers, and the software solutions developed to facilitate high-value engagement between the brand and the consumer?

  • Empowered consumers: Increased consumer access to and engagement with brands via myriad devices and channels ratchets up retail requirements for delivering digitally complex, yet perfectly seamless omnichannel experiences; brands must continually recalibrate to maintain relevance to existing customers while simultaneously cultivating new audiences.
  • Retailer responses: Retailers able to adapt and thrive in today's dynamic, complex, fiercely-competitive global marketplace will be capable of authentically building operations and experiences around customer needs and preferences, using powerful technology solutions that enable them to engage customers, empower employees and leverage actionable insights.
  • Microsoft Development of End-to-End Retail Functionality: When industry challenges are complex, the best solutions cohesively address end-to-end factors required for success. Microsoft Dynamics is no exception, providing retailers with solutions spanning the entire customer journey, from front-end customer relationship management (CRM) tools to execute prospect and customer-facing sales and marketing initiatives, to ERP systems to transact core retail operations (e.g., for PoS, eCommerce, Contact Center, Marketing, and Social), to business intelligence solutions built to collect and analyze systems data to produce meaningful, actionable business insights.


As an industry and technology certified Microsoft partner, RSM  is one of a select few of co-development and emerging market partners working on micro-vertical specific application enhancement retail. RSM has earned Microsoft’s gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competency in the Microsoft Partner Network as well as a Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) status.

  • Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Distribution Excellence Award
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD)
  • Retail Solution Center Partner
  • Distribution Solution Center Partner
  • Global Development Localization Partner Advisory Board
  • RFID Partner Advisory Council
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development I
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development II
  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Portal Development I
  • Dynamics 365 Advanced Administration
  • Reporting and Business Analysis for Dynamics 365

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