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With a long and proven track record of success delivering technology solutions to life sciences manufacturers, RSM is also recognized as having both one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 operations in the United States and the highest level partnerships and certifications with Microsoft. These and other qualifications make RSM consultants perfectly positioned to deliver high-value Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions that streamline operations and ensure cGMP, serialization and pricing compliance for life sciences clients—all while improving efficiencies and growing margin and profit.

Built to accommodate the speed and complexity of the strictly- regulated life sciences industry, Microsoft Dynamics is a game changer—a single, fully integrated, end-to-end solution suite that enables these manufacturers to flexibly run their businesses on their own terms—enhancing productivity, streamlining operations, ensuring compliance, responding to market opportunities, and driving the innovations the marketplace demands. 

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RSM and Microsoft Dynamics 365— Serving life sciences industry segments

Drawing on years of industry experience, RSM consultants have formulated a solution that allows life sciences manufacturers to drastically reduce implementation time, along with integration and validation costs.

Watch our video to learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for life sciences.

RSM’s life sciences solutions, along with its technical consulting services, address requirements in the following industry segments: 

Clinical trial operations

Projects-based ERP that applies very tight controls on procurement of services and material tied to milestones and clinical projects.

Contract manufacturing

Project-based ERP where companies can configure contracts to match client agreements.

Medical device manufacturing

Solutions to manage the complexities of legislation and controls on cost and pricing.


Pharmaceutical products manufacturing

End-to-end industry solution for managing supply chains, charge-backs, as well as compliance with governance bodies.


Today’s life sciences landscape—Tomorrow’s technology-focused outlook

In both its impact on human lives and its strict level of regulation, the life sciences industry is like no other. Against a backdrop of residual global economic uncertainty—and continued regulatory, pricing and cost pressures—the industry as a whole is focused on improvements in operational performance as a means to achieve long-term growth and profitability. Underscoring the foundational importance of technology to successful industry operations, Gartner reports unprecedented technology spend across all life sciences segments—anticipating 5 percent growth annually, with technology spend reaching $54 billion by 2019.

Technical depth with industry capabilities—RSM offers the best of both worlds

Home to one of the largest and most comprehensive Mirosoft Dynamics 365 practices in the United States, RSM is recognized as a Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions and Gold Partner, and enjoys the benefits of these high-level partnerships, training and certifications. With a technical team that boasts several globally recognized Microsoft Dynamics developers, RSM effectively unites the industry’s top-tier Microsoft Dynamics talent with its deep life sciences industry experience and a track record of success to consistently offer its clients the best of all worlds.

Uniquely positioned, RSM consultants enable their life sciences clients to simplify and speed processes, grow and scale operations and make smarter, faster, better-informed decisions—delivering measurable improvements in their ability to define, monitor, control and report on countless operational variables and data points—and allowing them, for example, to: 

  • Automate chargebacks with flexible and accurate contract management and automated deductions management 
  • Easily access and share production, inventory, quality and shipping data
  • Access actual batch costs in real time to determine customer, product and contract profitability
  • Streamline invoicing for contract manufacturing and clinical trials, including accurate project accounting based on criteria such as time and material, percent complete, suite time, milestones, minimum batch size and changeover fees.
  • One system of record for customers, vendors, quality, serialization, production and inventory

RSM technical consulting—We know life sciences

With years of success working with life sciences clients around the globe, RSM consultants understand the enormity of the data requirements these operations grapple with, as well as their need to access, track, manage and securely share different parts and pieces of that data with different parties, through different channels, at different times, from different places.

This kind of functionality is precisely what RSM delivers to its life sciences clients—a flexible tracking system based on best-of-breed technology capable of managing the full scope of business operations, production processes and compliance efforts—in a single-platform, end-to-end ERP solution suite built on Microsoft Dynamics and tailor-made for their industry.

RSM and Microsoft Dynamics 365—Areas of life sciences specialization

RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions for life sciences integrate leading-edge business application capabilities with the powerful, flexible functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365—allowing manufacturers to access accurate, real-time data for sound decision-making and improved business performance—all in a cost-effective, streamlined software suite that frees them up to focus on what they do best. RSM areas of life sciences specialization include:

  • cGMP compliance and computer systems validation
  • Electronic records and signatures
  • Sunshine Act reporting
  • Outsourcing collaboration with CMOs and 3PLs
  • Contract and chargeback management
  • Government pricing compliance
  • Global supply chain safety and compliance
  • International labeling compliance
  • Serialization
  • Clinical project accounting
  • Contract manufacturing project accounting

RSM and Microsoft Dynamics 365—Integration, automation drives competitive differentiation

As today’s life sciences leaders’ work to find and maintain an optimal balance between competitive edge and compliance, they will increasingly turn to end-to-end, industry-focused solutions—like RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 for life sciences—that enable:

  • Tighter, leaner, more efficient operations, while also ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive integration that drives visibility and access, yet keeps data and customers secure
  • Connection of everyone and everything, both leveling the playing field and fueling innovation and growth
  • Big data and business intelligence that drive actionable insights and smarter decision-making
  • Advances in automation as critical components of business transformation initiatives

RSM and Microsoft Dynamics 365—Delivering industry-specific business benefits

RSM consultants enable their life sciences clients to meet regulatory requirements and improve their business performance in ways that boost margin and profit—exactly the benefits and results you expect from a world-class enterprise system—including the ability to: 

  • Unite everything on a single platform: With its Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for life sciences, RSM helps clients streamline and reduce all of their operational systems to only one, creating a highly collaborative environment in which visibility into deviations, variances and constraints are able to be managed quickly and efficiently. It also creates a single data source for financials, orders, production, inventory, quality, extended supply chain, documents, CAPA, training and more.
  • Connect warehouse operations and mobility: Understanding their need to easily and accurately manage inventory in a way that honors customer contracts—especially to meet shelf-life timeline commitments—RSM provides life sciences manufacturers with an easy and accurate solution for management of inventory and order data that includes warehouse user-friendly interfaces and wireless connectivity between handheld devices and business management solutions. Information is accessed in real time, streamlining inventory processes and resulting in increased accuracy and timeliness. The same functionality can also extend to shop floor users via touch screens.
  • Gain visibility across the enterprise: For life sciences manufacturers, the need for real-time data visibility—versus periodic updates—is critical to fully understanding business costs and efficiently managing inventory. RSM’s solution provides immediate, enterprise-wide visibility into accurate operational data—fully integrated with the general ledger—so data from the production line and warehouse are immediately visible to accounts receivable. 

RSM and Microsoft Dynamics 365—A must-have combination in today’s life sciences industry

Balancing in-house initiatives with customer-facing requirements for quality and performance across the enterprise, today’s life sciences leaders require a comprehensive solution that consolidates data within one system and provides wide-ranging functionality capable of meeting myriad industry demands. Microsoft’s proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 for life sciences solutions—and the newly launched, cloud first Microsoft Dynamics for Operations—is designed to meet precisely these initiatives—featuring built-in tools designed to specifically address key challenges and business drivers in the life sciences industry, including: 

  • Enterprise-wide transparency: Today’s life sciences leaders are faced with increasingly stringent traceability and transparency requirements—driven by both customer expectation and regulatory demand—requiring supply chain management initiatives designed to achieve visibility and compliance at the most granular level.
  • Centralized cost control: To protect margins against fluctuating market conditions, rising research and development costs, and price variations around mergers and acquisitions, life sciences executives must have full financial oversight and real-time access to costing data necessary to drive more informed investments.
  • Robust data management: Arguably, in no other arena is data management and accuracy as mission-critical as in the life sciences industry—with information around pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices requiring robust security and quality controls to maintain integrity. Capturing and tracking data as it flows across the enterprise is essential to securing success. 

RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics for life sciences solution suite is tailored to meet each of these business-critical requirements and more. Intuitive, user-friendly features allow users to simplify and scale operations, boost efficiencies and quickly respond to internal demands and external challenges—driving long-term success and sustainability. 


“What [RSM] did for me wasn’t just about installing a module, it wasn’t about a project plan, it wasn’t about an implementation, it was about delivering me solutions.”




As an industry and technology certified Microsoft partner, RSM offers life sciences industry-specific ERP solutions, built with a clear understanding of the challenges faced by life sciences organizations. RSM's industry experts have decades of experience building, operating, and supporting bio, pharma and medical device companies. We leverage this experience to quickly identify and target the areas where your business will most benefit, and provide full attention to essential compliance requirements. RSM has earned Microsoft’s gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competency in the Microsoft Partner Network as well as a Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) status.

  • Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Distribution Excellence Award
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD)
  • Retail Solution Center Partner
  • Distribution Solution Center Partner
  • Global Development Localization Partner Advisory Board
  • RFID Partner Advisory Council
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development I
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development II
  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Portal Development I
  • Dynamics 365 Advanced Administration
  • Reporting and Business Analysis for Dynamics 365

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