Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer packaged goods companies face significant challenges in trying to respond to changing marketplace dynamics. Increasing consumer interest in direct buying on-line offers untold opportunities for CPG companies that can seamlessly blend direct sales with existing distribution and retail channels.

And while this transition unfolds on the customer side, volatile raw material costs continue to add pressure to improve supply chain visibility and agility, make operations more efficient, and continue in the direction of more SKUs and variants to accommodate individual tastes. CPG companies need strong and flexible CPG-specific ERP and CRM solutions to stay on track and succeed in this challenging environment.


From production scheduling and trade promotion management to compliance standards and business intelligence, the RSM ERP and CRM software solutions are  the right choice for CPG. These solutions manage multiple product lines and variants with ease and ensures tight logistics control across today’s omni-channel landscape. As a system designed for CPG, it’s great at maintaining shelf-life integrity, streamlining production, reducing cost and increasing profitability. It also provides company-wide visibility to help you identify and correct problems before they have an impact. Keep materials and products flowing through the plant and the entire supply chain so you can focus your efforts on performance improvement and growing the business.

Learn more about our solutions:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CPG

Accelerators – RSM add-on solutions to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Production Scheduling - improve your margins with a superior optimizer.

Trade Promotions Management - make the most of your marketing spend. Gain the visibility and control you need to manage everything from planning and funding to implementation and claim processing.

Warehouse Operations, Shelf-Life, and Mobility - manage your inventory and order data. Enjoy easy, accurate, warehouse access through user-friendly interfaces and mobile-friendly wireless connectivity.

Advanced Lot Trace – manages all aspects of compliance as our module monitors Critical Control Points (CCP) in your supply chain. Develop food safety/recall plans, and efficiently manage raw materials.

Business Intelligence - gain the visibility you need to make better decisions faster. Outstanding visibility of accurate, real-time, operational data comes to life in the dashboard’s informative graphical displays; drill down into supporting detail as needed.

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