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New: Warehouse and transportation management in Dynamics AX 2012 R3


Microsoft has recently released the newest version of Dynamics AX 2012 R3. With this release, full Warehouse Management and Transportation Management modules were included in the core product. This article will highlight the new functionality found in these modules.

Warehouse Management

Data collection – Bar coding
The most significant functionality is the inclusion of an integrated data collection and bar-coding capability. Dynamics AX customers will now be able to utilize hand-held data collection devices (bar-code scanners) without having to purchase a third-party software package. The bar-coding devices will support real-time access to Dynamics AX for: purchasing and receiving processes; inventory counting, transfers and adjustment transactions; issuing materials to production orders and reporting production as finished; and to pick, pack and ship customer orders.

Warehouse activity management and optimization
The warehouse module allows for companies to define individual work flows for: optimizing the receiving of goods and the put-away process; the stock replenishment process for moving material from a bulk storage location to picking locations; and for how goods should be picked, packed and shipped for fulfilling customer orders. The work flow can be established to handle full pallets differently from individual cases of product.

License plate control and inventory status
Pallets or containers are assigned a unique license plate number when the product is received into the warehouse. Whenever the product is transported within the warehouse, the license plate can be used for indicating what products have been moved to a new location. This can significantly reduce the number of keystrokes and time the worker requires to move items within the warehouse. Each license plate has a corresponding inventory status, which allows for blocking inventory availability at a specific location.

Improvement in product reservations
AX 2013 R3 includes a new concept of reservation hierarchy, which allows for reservations to be done at multiple levels; for example, you are now able to reserve items at a warehouse level without having to physically reserve at the specific location level. This can be especially helpful for items that have a batch or serial number associated with each item.

Additional features:

  • Serial number tracking for service and warranty
  • Warehouse management key performance indicators
  • Enhanced packing functionality utilizing the concept of containers
  • Enhanced inventory cycle counting functionality

Transportation Management

Inbound and outbound planning
The new Transportation Management module allows users to consolidate both inbound and outbound shipments, perform rate shopping using various factors and select a carrier based upon rates and service for transportation.

Freight rate engine
The ability to configure rate structures and shop for rates based on charges such as fuel charges and custom duties. The rate structures can be based on weight or mileage and include accessorial charges for additional services. The rate engine can also accommodate multimodal, multistop scenarios.

Freight reconciliation
A freight invoice can be generated from a freight bill. The invoice will then be compared to what was originally quoted, and any variance needs to be reconciled before the freight invoice is approved for payment.

Appointment scheduling
Appointments can be scheduled for both inbound and outbound shipping by dock. Drivers can then check in and check out, and the system will maintain the history.

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