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Consider an assessment to get the most value of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Before you jump into the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, consider doing an assessment to get the most from this valuable application. Whether you are a current user of Microsoft CRM or considering the product, doing an assessment allows you to better plan and get more from your investment in Dynamics CRM 2013. 

Far too often, when clients upgrade their applications, they simply focus on getting the latest version and not how the latest version will provide more business productivity. Here are a few ways that Dynamics CRM 2013 can help your business, but only with careful planning.

  1. Better user adoption and ease of use with an enhanced user interface. Now our users can see more information on accounts and opportunities without having to open other screens. Screen pop-ups are greatly reduced and overall our clients have found the new user interface conducive to productivity. But before you upgrade, you need to understand how your current user experience might be impacted. 
  2. Mobility options are better with CRM 2013. Microsoft has released apps for iOS, Droid and Microsoft mobile devices. But careful planning is necessary to get the most out of any mobile deployment of CRM. You need to understand what functions your users will perform on their mobile devices to determine if these new apps are right for your organization.
  3. A new process based interface can help your people be more productive and help them determine what needs to be done next in a business process. This only works if you understand the processes you want in CRM and then modify the CRM tool and train your users on managing the process in CRM.
  4. Dynamics CRM 2013 is even more tightly integrated with your other Microsoft investments. You should evaluate Yammer as a collaboration tool if you are not already doing so. This technology is now available in Dynamics CRM 2013 and can benefit organizations that need better collaboration on clients, cases and sales pursuits. Also, look for ways to leverage the native Skype and Lync technologies through CRM 2013.
  5. Any upgrade is a chance to introduce improvements. Don’t wait for a second phase of your upgrade to make improvements that you have been waiting for in your organization. Use the upgrade project as a way to introduce new functional areas to CRM or add key features. Many of our clients are using the CRM 2013 upgrade to add marketing automation to their solutions and provide their marketing organizations better, more integrated tools. Part of your assessment should include evaluating how CRM can benefit marketing or customer service.

The list of enhancements to Dynamics CRM in the 2013 release is impressive. At RSM, we see this release as a major step forward in the evolution of Microsoft’s CRM application. However, only careful planning will help you get the most from this new release. Talk to your local RSM CRM specialists to learn more about our upgrade and assessment services.

For more tips and tricks on upgrading or working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, check out our blog at www.DynamicsCRMPros.com.