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Products that can greatly benefit from blend optimization


While blend optimization can be used for any product that requires mixing ingredients together to get a consistent product, it is perfect for products with complex recipes. These recipes are the ones with fluctuating ingredient characteristics you have to consider when producing an item.

The top products that can greatly benefit from using a blend optimizer include:

Dairy products

Blend optimization is ideal in the dairy industry because of the fluctuation of ingredient compositions such as butterfat, milk solids and total solids in the raw milk and cream. Dairy products require a specific amount of potency levels using the current available ingredients. The blend optimizer can determine the best combination of available ingredients to achieve the best quality dairy product, while minimizing the cost of the blend.

Juice blending

In juice blending, attributes such as acidity, color, sweetness and nutrients must stay within quality specifications. The best quality product needs to be achieved to maintain customer loyalty. However, this can be difficult due to seasonable availability of certain juice components, and the fluctuation of acidity in the different fruits. Blend optimization calculates this information eliminating manual calculation, while maximizing quality and reducing costs.

Meat processing

In the meat packing industry, ground up meats, such as sausages, call for amounts of ingredients that must add up to hit a specific amount of protein, fat, meat and dry ingredients. The advantage of using blend optimization for meat blending is that the combined meat products will not only ensure a more uniform in-spec product, but it will also minimize cost and cut down on inventory waste.

Feed manufacturing

A quality diet means better meat, poultry or seafood, so it is very important to keep the nutrient supply in feed ingredients in line. Feed nutrient requirements, cost considerations and quality control are three reasons why blend optimization is beneficial to the feed manufacturing industry. However, variability in feed ingredients can make manual calculation difficult, and cause out of spec products. Blend optimization can automatically calculate a feed that meets required nutrient levels while ensuring a least-cost solution.

Gasoline mixing

Gasoline mixing calls for several raw materials, like butane, that can have different costs and physical properties. Components that vary throughout the seasons, such as Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP), can make mixing calculation necessary; however, it can be difficult to calculate manually. This is why blend optimization applications are useful for the gasoline blending industry, as it can take in a product’s fluctuating compositions and constraints, and automatically generate the least cost or most profitable gasoline blends.

Now, it is probably apparent that blend optimization can be a great decision making instrument in various industries–ranging from food and beverage blending to feed mixing. Any time an industry has a process that needs to batch, blend or mix a set of recipe items within a set of quality constraints, blend optimizers can help derive solutions of least cost and within specifications.

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