Shopify Plus consulting

A modern and innovative e-commerce solution for growth-oriented online stores and brands.

As one of the largest global e-commerce platforms, Shopify now offers an enterprise solution for medium-to-large and growth-oriented businesses. RSM is able to implement world-class omnichannel on this platform by combining e-commerce expertise and digital strategy with complex integration and customization experience. Our clients’ success is driven by the ability to create frictionless shopping experiences by combining  our technical expertise with the creativity of a digital agency. The partnership between Shopify Plus and RSM enables a quick time-to-launch, allowing for rapid implementation of e-commerce for our clients.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based, enterprise-level commerce solution that integrates the ease of use that the Shopify platform is best known for with the customization and automation that large and growing companies need. At RSM, our experts are experienced in Shopify integrations, allowing our clients to build completely customized e-commerce and omnichannel experiences that connect with their ERP, PIM or CRM. Shopify Plus offers an array of apps, all tested and verified to work seamlessly on the Shopify platform, that quickly add functionality to client websites.

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 In modern web development, experience counts, with not only the number of sites launched, but also their complexity and levels of customizations. Industry verticals add their own dimension, each one expanding functionality unique to that type of business. RSM has been working on e-commerce implementations since the very beginning, launching sites across verticals covering everything from food and consumer goods to digital goods and sporting apparel.




Strong project management and using the right resources for each job are cornerstones of our project execution approach. RSM has dedicated teams for ERP customization and scripting, functional configuration and digital marketing, giving you the depth of expertise you need for the job. Project managers are e-commerce specialists and act as the glue to pull all of the resources together, driving project schedule and customer communications to the highest level of excellence.


Team is everything. The right combination of skills and abilities can make or break your implementation. At RSM, we believe that keeping resources “on-shore” allows for better collaboration, higher quality of delivery, and outstanding value for our clients. We hold our consultants to the highest level when it comes to platform knowledge, and guarantee that your project team will have certified developers working with you to create an exceptional online experience.


Leading industries for Shopify Plus

RSM understands the evolution of the consumer products industry. We’ve worked with all business models across all segments to develop strategies that help our clients address continuing change.

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Integration with the platforms and tools you use

RSM Shopify Plus consultants have experience working with platforms such as Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage Intacct and Salesforce. Shopify’s integrations offer flexibility that other enterprise-level e-commerce software does not, making it a preferred platform for clients seeking greater flexibility. RSM ensures integrations are properly built and customized to meet your business’s needs. We’ll utilize our skills and expertise to get your e-commerce store running quickly and efficiently.

Automation at your fingertips

Streamline your e-commerce operations to provide your customers a great experience while saving your internal team time and resources. Shopify Plus has built Shopify Flow into the platform, eliminating the need to use disconnected apps, third-party tools or manual workarounds to automate your most important processes. Easily segment customers by behavior, manage inventory and build customer rewards programs with automations.

Frictionless usability

Despite significantly more customization opportunities and other added functionality, Shopify Plus maintains the same ease of use that makes Shopify a leading ecommerce platform, saving your internal team valuable time and resources