NetSuite e-commerce and m-commerce: Accelerate B2C and B2B revenues

Mobile purchasing is a fast-moving target where technical standards are changing and customer demands are always increasing. To meet those expectations, RSM helps you offer quick, convenient online shopping experiences—the kind that create loyal customers and repeatable business. We’ll help your shoppers find and buy securely from anywhere and on any device. It’s no wonder that a 2017 Gartner Research report, found that 89 percent of companies surveyed are making customer experience a top priority.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce system provides a robust ERP system and an e-commerce system all in one platform. Learn more about how RSM can bring your e-commerce store into the NetSuite platform in under 30 days.

Enhanced SSL support

Give visitors the option—of enabling secure sockets layer (SSL) on the shopping domain—not just the checkout pages. Support a single domain that is secure from start to finish across all shopping experiences. This added security shows your understanding and concern for data privacy and will provide a seamless experience that redirects from nonsecure to secure domains.

Quantity pricing

Your B2C and B2B business customers will love the unexpectedly easy method to view discounts for bulk purchasing, a simple way for them to buy more at each transaction. This feature was part of NetSuite’s back end—but now is a standard, visible feature on SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA). Making it more widely available can lead to faster deployment times and reduced cost.

A year ago we were working with the RSM team on understanding what NetSuite could do for our company and weighing our options on how best to proceed. Flash forward a busy 12 months and we are live thanks to a Herculean effort from your whole team.
- Andrew Perlgut, Director of Data & Information Systems, Murray's Cheese

Quick order

Shopping online from your product catalog just got easier with this feature, which provides visitors the ability to search and add multiple items by SKU or item number within the shopping cart. Thanks to the quick order feature, visitors can shop their own way and, like the quantity pricing feature, it helps you provide a customized, flexible site while speeding development and lowering site cost.

Buy online and pick up in store

Your customers can view inventory by location in real time and pick up item(s) in the store nearest to them. Increase their options—speed, convenience, price, delivery—and know what sites need replenishing. Drive incremental visitor traffic to stores and increase sales opportunities, all while cutting shipping expenses for you and your shoppers.

Facets as URL parameters

This feature lets you tailor the site structure by selecting individual facets as part of the path for the site to be configured as query strings. The enhancement will help get rid of duplicate and thin or shallow search engine optimization (SEO) pages and make it easier to tailor site navigation.

New promotions engine

This is a marketer’s dream! It provides complete control over exclusive promotions, stackable promotions and shipping promotions all within a new and improved interface making promotions easy, no matter how complex.

As consumers, we are buying more and more using our devices, causing online businesses to grow revenues faster. With online retail expected to grow 8-12 percent, we see brick-and-mortar retail, which still comprises much of sales, expected to grow at just 2.8 percent. Buying online with in store pickup is just one of the great new features in the latest version of SuiteCommerce Advanced.

The latest version of SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) from NetSuite is packed with customer-driven features specifically designed to help you create a truly unique customer experience. The migration to the latest version of SCA is a straightforward process that will allow you to capitalize on significant enhancements to the platform. However, with the re-architecture of the product detail page, it will require a code refactor.

Moving from Site Builder? No problem. If you are not currently using a NetSuite webstore, now is a great time to upgrade from your integration/connector to SCA. It is fully integrated to NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) and can have your e-commerce webstore live in under 30 days.

RSM helped us to launch our new website, and we are receiving great feedback on the work done. Having our new site integrated to our back end with the latest NetSuite technology is not only a benefit to us as a company, but we know the user experience will improve as well. - Tyler Porteous, VP Marketing & Business Development, COOLA