Frequently Asked Questions

Creating alert rules

What happens if two alerts have the same rank?
The rank of each alert is used as a sort key. Alerts with the same sort key will be sorted next to each other in the CSA window. CSA doesn't use a secondary sort key to break any ties, so the order they appear can't be predicted.

Why doesn't the rank of each alert appear on the Alert Editor window?
A single alert rule can produce different ranks at different times, or can produce multiple alerts with a variety of ranks, so it's not possible to list a particular rank for each alert rule.

When an alert is displayed, you can see the actual rank assigned on the Zoom window. The rank appears in parentheses at the end of the user text and above the OK button.

Why doesn't my alert pop up automatically?
A logic problem in version 2.01.0002 prevents AUTO_POPUP from working unless you also specify AUTO_ACTION. As a workaround, you could configure your alert to return AUTO_ACTION = 1 and ACTION_TYPE = SQL, and leave the ACTION_TEXT blank.

License issues

Does my CSA license expire?
CSA version 1 licenses are invalid without an expiration date, so your license must be updated periodically. Starting with version 2, your license key will only expire if you are using an evaluation license.

What do I do when CSA says its license has expired?
Contact your AiSP or ASI to obtain an updated license key.

I updated my iMIS license and now CSA says my license is invalid.
CSA is licensed based on certain details from the iMIS license. If the Serial Number, Licensed To or Max Users in your iMIS license changed, you will need a new license key for CSA.


Does CSA work with iMIS 15?
CSA 2 is an Xtender application, and therefore it only works with the desktop iMIS, the Omnis7-based application. CSA 3 (under development now) will be an iPart, and will work in any iMIS web view which supports iParts.

How do I make CSA open automatically?
In iMIS 10, you can edit files in the ...\iMIS\Framework folder using instructions in the User Guide. In iMIS 15, the framework is generated by iMIS itself. There doesn't appear to be a good way to make

How can I add a link to open CSA in iMIS 15?
In Site Designer, set the target URL of your new navigation item to: javascript:SetWinLoc('imisproc:IMIS4.Menu_Main1/2'), substituting the values 1 and 2 with values matching your XTENDER.INI.

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