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Improve efficiency and data security with SharePoint content management.

SharePoint is an enterprise content management solution that wrangles the Web of unstructured data that your business may currently use—from documents on individuals’ hard-drives and inboxes to faxes and other paper documents—into an orderly, secure repository that ensures documents are immediately accessible to the people who need them.

SharePoint also streamlines data management by adding workflow and business process automation capabilities, and allows businesses to take advantage of the investments they have made by integrating seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions.

RSM’s team of SharePoint consultants have been working with the platform since its release by Microsoft. Our experienced team has years of training, certifications and practical experience.

Successful SharePoint implementations begin by evaluating your organization's content and collaboration needs, followed by development of a staged implementation approach. Done right, the process helps ensure user adoption and successful content migration.

Content can exist in many different forms:

  • Paper in file cabinets
  • Documents on personal computers or network shared drives
  • Emails in overflowing inboxes
  • Documents on cloud-based sharing platforms (both sanctioned and unsanctioned)
  • Content in line-of-business applications

Not only is content everywhere throughout the organization, but frequently, there are multiple versions of the same document, a lack of security around document access, an inability to find what you are looking for and a lot of time wasted.

SharePoint allows you to structure your content in a meaningful way so content is easily found and security rules are followed. Content is also structured based on who the user is:

  • Intranet—typically users within the organization
  • Extranet—external users that have access to content through a user name and password
  • Internet—Web access by anonymous users

When structuring content, it's critical to keep in mind the content's purpose and audience. SharePoint allows you to expose content to the desired audience while maintaining one published version. You can also direct and repurpose content simply by managing security, which lets your organization balance the competing priorities of collaboration and information security.

SharePoint's version control capabilities ensure the most recent approved content is available for end users. Not only that, but with appropriate permissions, users can view earlier versions and maintain an audit trail of changes and approvals. This automatic tracking mechanism helps you manage regulated documents that require an examination or audit.

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