Business Process Automation

Automation increases efficiency, streamlines processes.

Trying to manage and track processes across the business creates tons of paper and email threads and can waste a lot of time.

Whether it’s regulatory compliance, company policy or other processes managed by paper forms or masses of emails, they can be automated using SharePoint. RSM content management consultants have years of experience working with clients to define, map and architect business process automation solutions. 

As we work with you to automate your business processes, you have the opportunity to make additional improvements or adjustments.

Understanding your business is our initial focus:

  • Identifying who is responsible for tasks and the organization’s hierarchy
  • Mapping and validating the process—we work with you to diagram the process prior to development, identifying improvements possible through automation
  • Analyzing the internal /external effects—determining what the risks or consequences are if the tasks or processes aren’t completed
  • Clarifying notification /task management—determining who’s responsible and what the escalation procedures are if the process stalls
  • Assessing analytics and reporting requirements

In addition to managing content, SharePoint provides a platform for business process automation and activity tracking needed for greater efficiency. Examples include:

  • Policy revision tracking and approvals
  • Employee policy acknowledgments
  • Employee on-boarding and termination
  • Requisition requests
  • Invoice / expense approvals
  • Contract renewals
  • Quality management tracking
  • Help desk requests

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