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Is your organization leveraging the power of the cloud?

As your business grows, so do your technology and regulatory challenges. To meet these demands, many organizations are turning to secure, flexible cloud solutions to house some or all of their IT infrastructure.

The RSM Cloud Portfolio includes services to help increase your efficiency and ensure you get the most from your technology investments. We understand the road to cloud success can be full of complicated choices, and many organizations have trouble identifying the best cloud solution for them.

No matter what your unique needs are, RSM's Cloud Portfolio can help. The portfolio is built upon best practices developed over 30 years of consulting, delivering and monitoring technology. We work with you to design a road map to fit your unique business and regulatory needs. You have the flexibility to combine any or all of our services for a customized, cost-effective cloud solution.

RSM Cloud Portfolio services include:    

  • RSM IaaS ─ RSM's IaaS is a secure, reliable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform of technology resources, complimented by storage and networking capabilities. RSM IaaS gives you the hardware, storage, networking and other services you need to enhance your operations without worrying about buying, managing or maintaining equipment.
  • RSM Private Cloud ─ Private cloud solutions are designed with optimal security and privacy standards for organizations with enhanced compliance demands. We provide a subscription model to host and manage your applications with increased control, reliability and efficiency to meet or exceed regulatory standards.
  • Public Cloud Solutions ─ The public cloud is an affordable, flexible solution to transition your data to a virtualized environment. We help you select and configure vendor-managed cloud applications, such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office 365.
  • RSM Hybrid Cloud Services ─ Many organizations can benefit from hybrid scenarios, which are a combination of cloud solutions, potentially in tandem with on-premise technologies. Common RSM hybrid cloud solutions are 1) single sign-on user authentication and integration, bridging existing applications, and 2) hosted, mobile and big data platforms.  

Learn more about the RSM Cloud Portfolio and how our flexible suite of cloud solutions can align with your business goals.

Shared Computer Activation Program for Microsoft customers

Are you able to use your Office 365 licensing within another cloud offering today? RSM is excited to offer the Microsoft Shared Computer Activation (SCA) Program that gives our clients flexibility and savings by allowing them to take advantage of existing Office 365 ProPlus licensing investments when deploying to the cloud. Learn more

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