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The infusion of technology in today’s social and commercial environments means data is easier to track, organize and interpret how current business processes are being received and accepted by consumers. Specifically, the food and beverage (F&B) industry are refining their expectations and looking towards tools that provide robust business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) tools to increase profitability, optimize operations and remain competitive. BI and BA are vital to understanding how the buyer landscape is affecting the corporate bottom line. Primary considerations in the F&B space include:

  • How to keep products innovative and appealing
  • How to fine tune operations to run more efficiently and effectively
  • Staying on top of competitors and pricing
  • Staying on top of governmental regulations for transparency and traceability

An emerging-market BI leader for adoption in the F&B space is Microsoft’s BI platform, which includes Microsoft Office 2013, SQL Server and SharePoint. The clear standout in this collection is the innovative new Microsoft Excel. Because many F&B organizations already rely on the Microsoft Office Suite of applications for information management, the ability to integrate into existing systems makes the new version of Excel not only cost-effective, but a user-friendly solution mapped to customer and market expectations.

By the click of a mouse or a drag of data, even if it is seemingly disparate information, a chart can be filtered into a report or scorecard with timeline control, providing enhanced flexibility when filtering pivot charts by date and allowing users to analyze data based on either a single time period or range of time to meet specific business requirements. F&B companies are increasingly looking to Microsoft’s new Excel, in a cloud-based environment for modern data management and analysis.

Download our white paper, Not your father's functionality: Redefining food and beverage business intelligence and business analysis, to learn more.

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