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The right information at your fingertips

Today, people need access to critical information wherever they are. While laptops, smartphones and tablets increase worker mobility and flexibility, they also introduce unique security and delivery challenges. RSM helps people on the move securely access the information they need to make informed decisions.

Our business intelligence (BI) approach encompasses the processes, organizational constructs and enabling technology to provide you with the right information regardless of your location.

Portals and dashboards
Most organizations suffer from information overload. Portals and dashboards provide “one-stop shopping” for reporting and analytics that deliver targeted, personalized information, so your people can more efficiently and effectively perform their jobs. In addition to streamlining access to important information needed for analysis and decision-making, they also can improve communications and collaboration.

Intranet integration
Naturally, you want to optimize your return on investment (ROI) for your technology and infrastructure investments and provide seamless capabilities to users. Integrating robust reporting and analytic capabilities into your intranet facilitates that goal. Integration makes it possible to access the required data, reporting and analysis without having to go to a separate system, which can increase productivity.

business intelligence
Decision-makers are always on the move. They need their data, reporting and analytic capabilities to move with them on their smartphones and tablets, greatly expanding the delivery options. At RSM, we help you make that happen.

Analytic applications
Analytic applications provide you with a more formalized way of achieving reporting and analytics around specific business needs. Not only can analytic applications deliver more structured reporting and analytics capabilities, but they can also incorporate critical functionality such as workflow and alerts.

Why RSM?
RSM BI professionals understand users’ frustration with information overload and the challenges of effective, efficient data access for decision-makers who are on the go.

We bring you leading practices and the flexible frameworks necessary for “one-stop shopping” for reporting and analytics.

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The importance of right reporting, analytics and information delivery

Successful reporting, analytics and information delivery drives more informed, evidence-based decision-making throughout an organization.

  • June 26, 2018

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