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2014 RSM Financial Institutions Systems Survey


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In a complex financial and regulatory environment, banks are leveraging technology more than ever to gather and analyze data, enable efficient transactions and discourage fraud. Core systems must be effective and secure, meeting current needs while also remaining scalable to adjust to projected growth, regulatory changes and market trends. To gain a better understanding of technology solutions bank executives are implementing and their level of satisfaction, RSM launched the Financial Institutions Systems Survey.

The survey looks at how consolidation is affecting bank technology systems, as core vendors acquire and introduce ancillary products such as online and mobile banking platforms. This tactic is designed to encourage customers to extend their relationship, and as expected, respondents have a high level of stability with their core systems. However, the survey finds some surprising results regarding how satisfaction correlates to time on a system and happiness levels for in-house and outsourced platforms.    

Core banking systems are a major investment, and you must be careful to ensure your solution is the right fit. The survey helps you understand how peers are utilizing platforms to increase efficiency, security and competitiveness, and provides insights into how you can optimize your system. In addition, the survey also provides information on other key industry trends, such as:

  • Technology outsourcing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking

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