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Are you capitalizing on state and local credit and incentive programs?


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Across the nation, a variety of incentive opportunities exist to help companies achieve their business growth goals, and many of them involve a company relocating to, expanding in, or remaining in a particular jurisdiction. For portfolio companies and their management partners, being aware of these incentives in advance of executing growth plans can have a material difference in return on investment. Since most programs require that companies secure incentives in advance of any qualifying activity, proper planning is critical to success.

In this article, first published by the Journal of Passthrough Entities, RSM’s tax professionals discuss state and local tax credits and incentives within the context of pooled investment vehicles, including:

  • Ways to identify potential credits and incentives
  • Maintenance and compliance concerns that can impact realized values
  • Common pitfalls companies should avoid in the  pursuit of credits and incentives

By making credit and incentive planning an integral part of business expansion, a pooled investment vehicle, its investors and its portfolio companies may create significant bottom-line savings.


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