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10 ideas to consider regarding executive compensation plans


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Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the most critical issues facing growing businesses today. Offering the right executive compensation plans for key employees and middle management can be critical to your business achieving low turnover and hiring top talent. Executive compensation planning can be complicated because the goals of both the individual and the business must be considered. The best plans can not only help your recruiting efforts, but can motivate performance. 

In our white paper, we discuss ten considerations that may help you develop executive compensation plans that are right for your business. Whether you are embarking on executive compensation design for the first time, reviewing or enhancing your current plans or using executive compensation planning to help expand your business, consider the ten ideas outlined in our white paper.

Download Ten ideas to consider regarding executive compensation plans for our perspective on:

  1. Structuring vesting conditions
  2. Using a balanced set of metrics
  3. Aligning the interests of senior executives with those of shareholders
  4. Utilizing different plans for mid-level managers
  5. Using profits units to provide participation in the growth of an LLC or partnership
  6. Maximizing capital gain potential
  7. Ensuring proper valuation
  8. Recognizing negative tax consequences associated with informal arrangements
  9. Evaluating the implications of plan administration matters
  10. Providing employees with some assurances regarding funding


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