Managing global value added tax

VAT obligations, processes and structuring

Internationally active middle market businesses are required to deal with a variety of global indirect tax obligations. With many countries changing their VAT regulations, it can be a challenge to keep up with the complex task of managing activities in multiple jurisdictions, especially without a technical expert on staff.

Our tax specialists can help develop, implement and manage an effective VAT strategy that considers the following key areas:

VAT-efficient supply chain

We review your global structure and transactions to identify areas that can be more effectively organized, as well as pinpoint areas where you have VAT risk or unmanaged liabilities. Through this thorough review of your business and future plans, we make recommendations to help you maximize growth and efficiency.

VAT automation

Account configuration in your systems is critical to improving your compliance process. We take a holistic view of your new or existing systems to cross-check transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable and expenses.

VAT compliance

Delivering on-time and accurate VAT returns can be time consuming and carries a high risk of missed deadlines, penalties and interest, especially for those companies that operate in multiple jurisdictions. Our Global Compliance and Reporting Services team supported by our proprietary VAT accounting software, can track the progress of your indirect tax returns with a comprehensive overview of your VAT filing status and milestones around the world. 

VAT education and training

There is a significant degree of human intervention in managing a company‚Äôs VAT obligations, from making key decisions to performing compliance tasks. We take the time to understand your needs and tailor coaching based on your business, functions and capabilities. Ultimately, a greater understanding of VAT will help increase the effectiveness and accuracy of those decisions and tasks. 

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