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Automation: A company’s best ally against sales tax audits


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As businesses grow and sales tax legislation adapts to keep pace with a changing business environment, sales tax processes can become subject to the kinds of mistakes that invite sales tax audits. Sales tax automation and regular nexus evaluations are increasingly important tools to minimize audit exposure.

In this whitepaper, Avalara shares several ways that technology can help a company minimize the likelihood of a sales tax audit and be prepared and protected should one occur. You will learn:

  • Why reactive tax management is risky
  • How process and workflow matter as much as rate calculation
  • What is driving some states to become more vigilant
  • How many businesses underestimate their sales tax risk exposure
  • What really goes on in a state audit
  • How automation works to protect businesses from audit

With state tax audits on the rise, it is important to regularly evaluate your tax position and tax processes. Implementing or optimizing a sales tax automation solution may help your business mitigate the audit risk.

Download Avalara's "Automation: A company's best ally against sales tax audit" to see how.

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