Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructurings

When you're executing and implementing a merger, acquisition, disposition or restructuring, you need sophisticated tax advice on the transaction.

Having a clear view of the target's tax position and understanding key tax issues are essential to a successful transaction. That's why solid tax advice should be a component of any transaction support you seek.

Our dedicated tax professionals can assist you with all tax-related aspects of your next acquisition or restructuring, including the following:

  • Transaction structuring including:
    • Depreciable and amortizable basis step-up on premium
    • Rollover of target owners
    • Net operating loss utilization and IRC §382
    • Opportunities to alleviate double taxation
    • Tax due diligence on the transaction
  • Transaction cost analysis to maximize deductions
  • Post-transaction planning

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A business with no profits? IRS blesses pre-revenue spin-off


A business with no profits? IRS blesses pre-revenue spin-off

The IRS recently released a PLR allowing a section 355 tax-free distribution, despite no revenue in the spun-off subsidiary’s business.

  • Patrick Phillips, Sarah Lieberman
  • |
  • March 05, 2020

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