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TEI Webcast: Scoring your company’s tax technology evolution

A strategic approach to defining your tax technology vision


Digital adoption is a critical step for companies managing tax compliance. Each company is at a different stage in their evolution of tax technology, yet all need to be forward thinking in their strategic approach to leveraging systems and automation to achieve tax efficiency.  Equally important is the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of your plan and benchmark your progress against similarly sized entities.  

RSM’s Brad Collins and Danielle Gonzalez explore this topic in detail during this webinar presented by Tax Executives Institute.

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Key takeaways:

The presentation will assist you to:

  • Score your company’s current technology status
  • Define a technology vision for your company
  • Create a strategy roadmap to achieve your technology vision  
  • Identify the necessary professionals and funding needed to execute your strategy
  • Identify how automation can be a powerful lever to reach your goals
  • Determine how to overcome obstacles to your technology goals

Watch the tax technology webcast now.


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