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Beware of traps with paid time off policies

Some common paid time off (PTO) policy features cause taxable income to unexpected parties at unexpected times. Learn more here.

Will 2017 be the year to extend your 2016 tax return?

This filing season brings many changes and unknowns that may cause taxpayers to revisit the question of filing an extension.

Payroll and workforce tax efficiency related to growth

As your business expands, tax considerations around employees, contractors and recruits grow, too. Learn what to watch for.

Timing of tax reform

While the process is notoriously fluid and unpredictable, it appears it will likely be late 2017 before we have tax reform legislation.

Understand common complexities when applying bonus depreciation

While the concept of bonus depreciation is fairly simple, taxpayers should be aware of the complicated underlying rules.

Economic sales and use tax nexus laws

Economic sales and use tax nexus laws are gaining momentum as states make a direct challenge to traditional physical presence standards.

3 big questions about your business succession plans

Planning for and managing through a business succession means thoughtfully and objectively answering three important questions. Learn more.