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Student Loans Nationwide And Short Rentals In NY: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, September 15, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Many Mass. employers say ‘no thanks’ to Trump’s payroll-tax plan (subscription required), Boston Business Journal, Greg Ryan, September 18, 2020 [Al Cappelloni, Partner]

A world of tax troubleAccounting Today, Antoinette Alexander, September 8, 2020 [Tansie Jefferies, Principal; Ramon Camacho, Principal]

Tax Hikes In NJ, Untaxed Services In The West: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, September 4, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Taxes Rising In Ill. And Dropping In Colo.: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, August 28, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Teleworking and state and local taxesJournal of Accountancy, Mo Bell-Jacobs, August 24, 2020 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Senior Manager]

Minn.'s Remote Taxation And Va.'s Gambling.: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, August 21, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Never Going Back AgainTax Notes, Mo Bell-Jacobs, Brian J. Kirkell, Harlan Kwiatek, August 20, 2020 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Senior Manager; Brian J. Kirkell, Principal; Harlan Kwiatek, Partner]

Interstate Income Tax And Combined Reporting: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, August 14, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Tax Accounting Questions Unanswered in Final Interest Regs (subscription required), Tax Notes, Nathan Richman, August 13, 2020 [Ryan Corcoran, Senior Manager]

Losing Money Is a Winning Pandemic Tax Strategy for Some Companies (subscription required), Bloomberg Law, Richard Rubin and Theo Francis, August 8, 2020 [Nick Gruidl, Partner]

False Claims Acts And Sales Tax Holidays: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, August 7, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Carried Interest Rules Prompt Investment Funds to Rethink PlansBloomberg Tax, Allyson Versprille, August 3, 2020 [Jerry Musi, Partner]

Accounting Method Rules Bring Ease for Small Businesses (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Faris Bseiso and Aysha Bagchi, July 31, 2020 [Ryan Corcoran, Senior Manager]

Working At Home And NY's Pandemic Tax Idea: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, July 31, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

IRS to Accept Faxed Copies of Change in Accounting Method Forms (subscription required), Tax Notes, Frederic Lee, July 30, 2020 [Ryan Corcoran, Senior Manager]

IRS, Treasury Float Air Travel Excise Tax Proposed Regs (subscription required), Tax Notes, Jonathan Curry, July 30, 2020 [Debbie Gordon, Principal]

IRS, New IRS Rules Don’t Exempt Family from Aircraft Excise Tax (2) (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Isabel Gottlieb, July 29, 2020 [Debbie Gordon, Principal]

Congress, COVID, and COD (subscription required), Tax Notes, Don Susswein and Ryan McCormick, July 27, 2020 [Don Susswein, Principal]

16 States Go Ahead With ‘Back to School’ Sales Tax HolidaysNew York Times, Ann Carrns, July 24, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Foreclosure Sales In Mich. And Incentives In Texas: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, July 24, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Ads In DC And Incentives In NJ: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, July 17, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

New Digital, OECD Taxes Could Unsettle Gov’t Negotiations (subscription required), Law360, Molly Moses, July 14, 2020 [Ramon Camacho, Principal]

Mont. Religious Schools And Ore. Gross Receipts: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, July 10, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Pandemic And Taxation In Tenn. And NC: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, July 2, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Reevaluating the Recapture of Tax Incentives in the Current Economy (subscription required), Tax Notes, Robert Calafell and Alexander Dowd, June 29, 2020 [Robert Calafell, Principal; Alexander Dowd, Senior Associate]

Remote Workers Nationwide And SF Tax Reform: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, June 26, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Board Briefs: Successfully Navigating COVID-19 (subscription required), Tax Notes, Jéanne Rauch-Zender, Jne 22, 2020 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Calif. Whistleblowers And Ohio's Online Taxes: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, June 19, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Practitioners Urge Relief From TCJA Revenue Recognition Rules (subscription required), Tax Notes, Nathan Richman, June 8, 2020 [Ryan Corcoran, Senior Manager]

IRS Offers Tax Capital Reporting Methods Amid Demand for Answers (subscription required), Tax Notes, Eric Yauch, June 8, 2020 [Nick Passini, Senior Manager]

Retroactivity In NY And Gambling In Calif.: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, June 5, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Nonprofits' Property Taxes And High Earners In Ore.: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, May 29, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

IRS Penalty Deduction Regs Could Complicate Settlement Talks (subscription required), Law360, Joshua Rosenberg, May 21, 2020 [Tracy Watkins, Senior Director]

Calif. Prepaid Taxes And A Call To Legalize Pot: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, May 22, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Penalty Deduction Regs Won’t Head Off Follow-Up Litigation (subscription required), Tax Notes, Tracy Watkins, May 21, 2020 [Tracy Watkins, Senior Director]

Digital Taxes In Md. And Marketplace Sellers In La.: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, May 15, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

How Can PPP Loans Be Used for Bonuses? Depends Who You AskTax Notes, Eric Yauch, May 13, 2020 [Ryan Corcoran, Senior Manager]

Post-Wayfair Laws And A Pa. Whistleblower: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, May 8, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Angel Investor Credits as a Source of Capital (subscription required), Tax Notes, Robert Calafell and Matt McDowell, May 4, 2020 [Rob Calafell, Principal; Matt McDowell, Supervisor]

Gov'ts May Question Losses By Cos. Set Up As Low-RiskLaw360, Molly Moses, May 1, 2020 [Tansy Jeffries, Principal]

Pandemic Dos And Don'ts Of State Tax Policy: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, May 1, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

IRS Retail Guidance Dovetails With Glitch Fix For Cash AccessLaw360, Joshua Rosenberg, April 28, 2020 [Tracy Watkins, Senior Director]

Some Taxpayers Would Rather Just Fix QIP ProspectivelyTax Notes, Nathan J. Richman, April 27, 2020 [Tracy Watkins, Senior Director]

Volunteerism In Pa. And Digital Ads In NY: Salt In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, April 24, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

IRS Explains Mechanics for Filing Faxed Tentative Refund ClaimsTax Notes, Emily L. Foster, April 20, 2020 [Alina Solodchikova, Senior Manager]

Corporations claiming huge tax refunds under coronavirus rescue bill | ExclusiveOrlando Sentinel, Jason Garcia, April 17, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Nonresidents Of Ark. And Big Biz In Seattle: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, April 17, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

IRS Pushed to Clarify Timing Issue With Loss Carryback RevivalBloomberg Tax, Lydia O'Neal, April 15, 2020 [Al Cappelloni, Partner]

Property Tax In ND And The Fed. Deduction Cap: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, April 10, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Telework Due To COVID-19 Spawns Employer Nexus WorriesLaw360, Maria Koklanaris, April 7, 2020 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Pandemic, Continued, And Corp. Income Taxes: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, April 3, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Retail Glitch Fix Guidance Urged as a Top Priority (subscription required), Tax Notes, Nathan Richman, March 30, 2020 [Tracy Watkins, Senior Director]

Virus Deadlines And Digital Ads In Md.: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, March 27, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

The Fed. Deduction Cap And Kan. Nonresidents: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, March 20, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Localism In Ky. And Remote Sellers In Ariz.: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, March 13, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Connecticut Looks to Join Interstate Incentives Compact (subscription required), Tax Notes, Lauren Loricchio, March 9, 2020 [Rob Calafell, Principal; Mo Bell-Jacobs, Senior Manager; Alexander Dowd, Senior Associate]

Ala. Reform And Targeted Tax Incentives: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, March 6, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Look out for scams during tax seasonCleveland Jewish News, Becky Raspe, March 6, 2020 [Bruce McAuliffe, Partner]

Crypto Exchanges Warn IRS to Go Slow and Steady on Reporting (subscription required), Tax Notes, Kristen Parillo, March 3, 2020 [Jamison Sites, Senior Manager]

Questions Raised by Multistate Plan to Eliminate Incentives (subscription required), Tax Notes,  Robert Calafell, Mo Bell-Jacobs and Alexander Dowd, March 2, 2020 [Robert Calafell, Principal; Mo Bell-Jacobs, Senior Manager; Alexander Dowd, Senior Associate]

Sales Tax In Md. And Driverless Cars All Over: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360,  David Brunori, February 28, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

IRS Gives Path for Farms to TCJA’s Small Business Tax Accounting, (subscription required), Tax Notes, Nathan Richman, February 24, 2020 [Tracy Watkins, Senior Director]

Ind.'s Film Tax Credit And Tax Holidays For Guns: SALT In Review, (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, February 21, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Investors Seek Tax Savings for Fees They Can No Longer DeductBloomberg, Laura Davidson, February 20, 2020 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Rules for Tax Law’s Curb on Loss Offsets Under White House Review (2), (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Lydia O'Neil, February 20, 2020 [Nick Gruidl, Partner]

Facebook Heads to Trial in Tax Dispute That Could Cost $9 Billion (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Hilary Birns, February 14, 2020 [Ramon Camacho, Principal]

Big-Biz Income And Franchise Taxes: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, February 14, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

2020 Tax Outlook From a Former US Treasury Official (subscription required), Privcap, David Snow, February 3, 2020 [James Alex, Principal]

Digital Ads In Md. And Executive Pay In Calif.: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law360, David Brunori, January 17, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Corporate lobbyists, Florida House write $50 million tax break for a handful of big companiesOrlando Sentinel, Jason Garcia, Jan. 16, 2020 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

IRS delay on partnership capital reporting offers temporary reprieve for someAccounting Today, Michael Cohn, January 7, 2020 [Nick Passini, Senior Manager]


RSM Tax in the news - 2019

Federal Tax

Companies pass profits out of Florida, costing the state millions | Special ReportOrlando Sentinal, Jason Garcia, November 20, 2019 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Key Thought Leaders from Government and Industry Come Together to Promote a Coordinated Strategy for Blockchain Technology – A Read Out on the Day’s DiscussionChamber of Digital Commerce, November 4, 2019 [Jamison Sites, Senior Manager]

Calif.'s Prop. 13 And NY's Politicizing Ban: SALT In Review (subscription required), Law 360, David Brunori, November 1, 2019 [David Brunori, Senior Director]

Time is running out on getting the most from QOZsAccounting Today, Roger Russell, October 29, 2019 [Troy Merkel, Partner]

States Seeking More Transparency For Tax Breaks, Panel Says (subscription required), Law360, October 28, 2019 [Rob Calafell, Principal]

States Eye Transparency in Reforms to Tax Incentive Programs (subscription required), Law360, Michael J. Bologna, October 28, 2019 [Rob Calafell, Principal]

Accounting Giants Launch Tool For Assessing Blockchain RiskForbes, Darryn Pollock, October 22, 2019 [Bennett Moore, Senior Associate]

IRS finalizes partnership liability regulationsIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Don Susswein and Kyle Brown, October 22, 2019 [Don Susswein, Principal; Kyle Brown, Manager]

Converting from contractor to employee has benefits, but taxes aren’t one of themSan Francisco Chronicle, Kathleen Pender, October 5, 2019 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

IRS’ Hands Tied By Broad Anti-Abuse Rule For Offshore Biz (subscription required), Law 360, Natalie Olivo, October 4, 2019 [Jamison Sites, Senior Manager]

Tax changes—and their impact on franchising—take some digestingFranchise Times, Poornima Apte, September 26, 2019 [Matt Talcoff, Partner]

IRS' Built-In Loss Rules Could Mar Sheen Of Distressed Cos. (subscription required), Law360,  September 16, 2019 [Nick Gruidl, Partner]

Lack of Safe Harbor in Proposed Accounting Regs Chafes Tax Pros (subscription required), Tax Notes, Nathan J. Richman, September 9, 2019 [Ryan Corcoran, Sr. Manager]

‘Jock Tax’ Poses Financial Burden for NFL Non-Players (subscription required), Bloomberg Law, Ryan Prete, September 9, 2019 [Matt Talcoff, Partner]

GILTI and FDII: the “model” answerWold of Tax, Chris Migliaccio, August 27, 2019 [Priya White, Manager]

Consider these top tax options before starting a businessHouston Business Journal, Jamie Sanders and Barbara Strobel, August 5, 2019 [Jamie Sanders, Partner; Barbara Strobel, Senior Director]

Midsize Cos. Feel Collection Pinch One Year After Wayfair (subscription required), Law360, Maria Koklanaris, July 10, 2019 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Top 5 State & Local Tax Cases Of 2019: Midyear Report (subscription required), Law360, Maria Koklanaris, July 3, 2019 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

The ‘Wayfair’ Impact One Year In: Challenges, Changes Ahead (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Jeff Harrington, June 21, 2019 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

A Year After ‘Wayfair,’ Revenue Uncertain, Legal Issues ComingBloomberg Tax, Ryan Prete, June 17, 2019 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Firms Navigate Latest Tax Law Changes WilmingtonBiz, Jenny Callison, June 7, 2019 [Rob Wagner, Partner]

The at-risk rules for partnershipsJournal of Accountancy, Vicki R. Carney and Tracy D. Lee, June 1, 2019 [Vicki R. Carney, Senior Director; Tracy D. Lee, Manager]

The blockchain revolution (subscription required),  Corridor Business Journal,  May 20, 2019 [Bennett Moore, Senior Associate]

How to win as a seller? Prepare for tax impacts of saleMergers & Acquisitions, Jennifer Wiskus and John Wozniczka, May 8, 2019 [Jennifer Wiskus, Partner; John Wozniczka, Partner]

Developer buys downtown San Antonio site, could gain from Trump tax incentiveSan Antonio Express News, Joshua Fetcher, May 3, 2019 [Van Alston, Partner]

New opportunity zone rules hearten Austin businesspeople but present some leasing concernsAustin Business Journal, Paul Thompson, May 2, 2019 [Scott Haigler, Partner]

Local expert on latest updates to Opportunity Zone rules (subscription required), San Antonio Business Journal, Ryan Salchert, April 23, 2019 [Van Alston, Partner]

Altaba’s Foreign Shareholders Get Liquidation Consolation Prize (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Lydia O’Neal, April 19, 2019 [Stefan Gottschalk, Senior Director]

New tax rates increase value of reduced R&D credit electionIllinois Manufacturers' Association, John Deininger and Tom Windram, April 17, 2019 [John Deininger, Manager; Tom Windram, Partner]

Ready for Iowa’s software sales tax rules? (subscription required), bizTimes, Brad Hershberger, Joel Anderson, Chelsea Nunn, April 16, 2019 [Brad Hershberger, Partner; Joel Anderson, Manager; Chelsea Nunn, Manager]

Have you prepared for Iowa’s software and services sales tax rules?Telegraph Herald, Brad Hershberger, Joel Anderson, and Chelsea Nunn, April 4, 2019 [Brad Hershberger, Partner; Joel Anderson, Manager; Chelsea Nunn, Manager]

Taxpayer-friendly proposed regulation on insurance policy transfersIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Stefan Gottschalk and Joseph Wiener, April 3, 2019 [Stefan Gottschalk, Senior Director; Joseph Wiener, Senior Associate]

GILTI: A new age of global tax planningThe Tax Adviser, Greg Pudenz, Jamison Sites and Ramon Camacho, April 1, 2019 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

Sec. 1202: Consequences of capital contributions to closely held corporationsThe Tax Adviser, Nick Gruidl, CPA, MBT, Mike Ribble and Joseph A. Wiener, April 1, 2019 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

Revisiting at-risk rules for partnershipsThe Tax Adviser, Vicki R. Carney and Tracy D. Lee, April 1, 2019 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

Qualified transportation fringe benefit and loss of deduction under tax reformThe Tax Adviser, Nancy Manary and Karen Field, April 1, 2019 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

Exploring the undefined: Trade or businessThe Tax Adviser, Erica L. Parra and Darian A. Harnish, April 1, 2019 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

Wayfair, sales tax, and economic presence laws Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Mo Bell-Jacobs and Brian Kirkell, March 20, 2019 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager; Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Accounting Firms Eye a New Use for Blockchain: Your Taxes (subscription required), Bloomberg Law, Allyson Versprille and Robert Lee, March 12, 2019 [Jay Schulman, Principal]

Proposed ordering rules for GILTI, FDII, NOL, 163(j) deductions Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Stefan Gottschalk and Joseph Wiener, Marh 11, 2019 [Stefan Gottschalk, Senior Director; Joseph Wiener, Senior Associate]

Made-In-America Tax Break May Not Pull U.S. Firms Back OnshoreBloomberg, Laura Davison and Isabel Gottlieb, March 5, 2019 [Larry LeBlanc, Partner]

Opportunity Zone Investors Can’t Forget about Local Tax IncentivesMinnesota Real Estate Business Journal, March 4, 2019 [Debbie Singer, Senior Manager]

Learning From the 70 Percent Tax Rate (subscription required), Tax Notes, Don Susswein, March 4, 2019 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Renew Tax Status or Risk Losing It, D.C. Warns Nonprofits (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Robert Lee, Feb. 27, 2019 [William Turco, Senior Director]

New tax law could impact charitable givingIowa City Press Citizen, Zachary Oren Smith, Feb. 19, 2019 [Carly Umstead, Senior Manager]

What Polarized Government Means for Tax Policy in 2019Governing, Liz Farmer, Feb. 6, 2019 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Tax issues arise when employers pay employee business travel expensesIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Jill Harris and Karen Field, Jan. 23, 2019 [Jill Harris, Senior Director; John Deininger, Senior Director]

Business owners get IRS rules on 20 percent tax breakFinancial Planning, Laura Davison and Lynnley Browning, Jan. 22, 2019 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Private Equity Investors Get Rules on 20 Percent Tax BreakBloomberg, Laura Davison and Lynnley Browning, Jan. 18, 2019 [Don Susswein, Principal]



RSM Tax in the news - 2018

2019 Should See Final Bonus and Tax Accounting Regs (subscription required), Tax Notes, Nathan J. Richman, Dec. 31, 2018 [Tracy Watkins, Sr. Director]

RSM’s Ramon Camacho and Greg Pudenz on the Proposed GILTI and FTC RegulationsThomson Reuters Blogs, Robert Sledz, Dec. 24, 2018 [David Click, Senior Director; John Deininger, Manager]

Manufacturers Dealt a Financing Blow in Interest Write-Off Rules (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Lydia O'Neal, Dec. 17, 2018 [Al Cappelloni, Partner]

The IRS says, “Yes, There is No Clawback”Illinois Manufacturer's Association, Anastasia Lowenthal, Dec. 11, 2018 [Charlie Ratner, Senior Director]

Proposed Interest Deduction Disallowance Regulations IssuedIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Anastasia Lowenthal, Dec. 4, 2018 [Stefan Gottschalk, Senior Director]

Impact of tax reform on M&A transactions Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Vikas Sekhri, Nov. 28, 2018 [Vikas Sekhri, Partner]

Why States Hoping for Online Holiday Sales to Boost Budgets May Not Get Their WishGoverning, Liz Farmer, Nov. 21, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

When Investing In Opportunity Zones, Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Relationships Bisnow, Tara Lerman, Nov. 15, 2018 [Troy Merkel, Partner]

Biz Deduction Still Unclear With Proposed Regs, Tax Pro Says (subscription required), Law360, David Hansen, Nov. 13, 2018 [Kyle Brown, Manager]

Book-Tax Conformity Proposal Could Solve Complexity Problems (subscription required), Tax Analysts, Nathan J. Richman, Nov. 7, 2018 [Ryan Corcoran, Senior Manager]

Investors Mine Proposed Regs for Opportunity Zone Gold (subscription required), Tax Analysts, Eric Yauch, Nov. 5, 2018 [Troy Merkel, Partner]

IRS Releases Proposed Regulations for Qualified Opportunity ZonesIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Tom Windram, Don Susswein, and Ben Wasmuth, Oct. 30, 2018 [Tom Windram, Partner; Don Susswein, Principal; Ben Wasmuth, Senior Manager]

IRS Allows Late Elections for Investment Credit and R&D AmortizationIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Tom Windram and Jared Boucher, Oct. 23, 2018 [Tom Windram, Partner; Jared Boucher, Supervisor]

State of Wayfair: Are Things Different in Texas?Bloomberg BNA, DRyan Prete, Oct. 18, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Banking, Agriculture Sectors Urge IRS to Rethink Deduction Rules (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Siri Bulusu, Oct. 17, 2018 [Nick Passini, Senior Manager]

Midsize Companies Face Disproportionate Anti-Avoidance Costs (subscription required), Law360, Natalie Olivio, Oct. 12, 2018 [Ramon Camacho, Principal]

Spinoff Deals Get Boost From New IRS Guidance (subscription required), Bloomberg Tax, Lydia O'Neal, Oct. 3, 2018 [Stefan Gottschalk, Senior Director]

IRS Answers Questions on Paid Family and Medical Leave Tax CreditIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Tim Windram and John Davitt, Oct. 2, 2018 [Tom Windram, Partner; John Davitt, Supervisor]

Six Key Transfer Pricing Considerations for Multinational CompaniesIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Tansy Jefferies, Sep. 24, 2018 [Tansy Jefferies, Principal]

The Week in Public Finance: Thanks to SCOTUS, States Are Taxing Online Sales. But the Legal Fight May Not Be OverGoverning, Liz Farmer, Sep. 14, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

IRS Clarifies SALT Workaround Proposed Regulations for BusinessesIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Charlie Ratner, Tracy Watkins, and John Charin, September 10, 2018 [Charlie Ratner, Senior Director; Tracy Watkins, Senior Director; John Charin, Senior Associate]

Experts: Here's what your Orlando biz needs to know about tax reform (subscription required), Orlando Business Journal, Ryan Lynch, Sep. 6, 2018 [Lynn Sedwick, Partner]

IRS Announces changes to Compliance Assurance Process (CAP) ProgramIllinois Manufacturers' Association, David Click and John Deininger, Sep. 4, 2018 [David Click, Senior Director; John Deininger, Manager]

Orlando experts' top 4 tax reform takeaways for business ownersOrlando Business Journal, Ryan Lynch, August 28, 2018 [Lynn Sedwick, Partner]

Production Companies, Makeup Artists Could Miss Tax Write-Off (subscription required), Bloomberg Law, Lydia O'Neal, August 27, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Is Federal Digital Sales Tax Legislation on Its Last Legs?Bloomberg BNA, Ryan Prete, August 15, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Partnership Reps Can Use Power of Attorney During Audits: IRS (subscription required), Bloomberg Law, Allyson Versprille, August 10, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Lobbyists, Hedge Funds, Veterinarians Lose Out on Major Tax BreakBloomberg BNA, Lydia O’Neal, August 9, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]

5 Tips For Navigating Post-Wayfair Tax Collection Rule (subscription required), Law360 Tax Authority, Matthew Nesto, August 7, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Intel Subsidiary Altera Cost-Sharing Case Probably Won’t End HereBloomberg Tax, Carolina Vargas and Sony Kassam, August 3, 2018 [Ramon Camacho, Principal]

Frequently Asked Questions on Country-by-Country Reporting Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Anastasia Lowenthal, July 31, 2018 [Crystal Golob Lindholm, Senior Manager; Enrique Rayon, Senior Director; Ramon Camacho, Principal]

What to look for in Treasury's coming pass-through deduction regulations (subscription required), POLITICO Pro,  Brian Faler, July 13, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Foreign Sellers Likely Safe From State Online Tax Frenzy Post-WayfairBloomberg BNA, Ryan Prete, July 12, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

U.S. High Court Nominee Mostly Untested on State Tax IssuesBloomberg BNA, Ryan Prete, July 10, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Tri-states address conformity post federal tax reformTelegraph Herald,  Todd Hendricks, July 5, 2018 [Todd Hendricks, Senior Manager]

Many State Online Sales Tax Laws Leave Door Open for RetroactivityBloomberg BNA, Ryan Prete, July 3, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

KC accountant: Don't wait to adjust to internet sales tax rulingKansas City Business Journal,  James Dornbrook, June 29, 2018 [Scott Durham, Manager]

U.S. Supreme Court Kills Quill Physical Presence Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Anastasia Lowenthal, June 26, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal, Mo Bell- Jacobs, Manager]

Shoppers may have to pay billions of dollars more a year in sales taxes when buying onlineUSA Today,  Charisse Jones, June 21, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Favorable U.S. tax ruling gives limited boost to big-box retailersReuters, Nadita Bose, June 21, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

The Week In Public Finance: Supreme Court Clears Way for States to Tax Online SalesGoverning, Liz Farmer, June 21, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

In Wayfair, SCOTUS leaves work for state courtsAccounting Today, Roger Russell, June 21, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Online Sales Tax Rule Dead, But Afterlife Murky (2)Bloomberg BNA, Ryan Prete, June 21, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Supreme Court’s sales tax ruling upends online shoppingHouston Chronicle, Paul Takahashi, June 21, 2018 [Tracy Watts, Senior Director]

Rochester Businesses get ahead on 2018 Federal TaxesABC 6 News, Charisse Jones, June 19, 2018 [Drew Mulford, Manager]

Are High Court Tax Precedents Set in Stone After 25 Years?Bloomberg BNA,  Ryan Prete, June 12, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Illinois Enacts FY19 Budget with Economic Sales Tax Nexus ProvisionsIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Tom Blaze, Bob Kolosky, Andrienne Albritton and Eric Manus, June 11, 2018 [Tom Blaze, Partner; Bob Kolosky, Senior Director; Andrienne Albritton, Senior Manager; and Eric Manus, Senior Manager]

Proposed E-Filing Regs Seen as Burden for Nonfinancial Entities (subscription required), Tax Notes Today,  Stephanie Cummings, May 31, 2018 [Aureon Herron-Hinds, Senior Manager]

Will Seattle's Controversial Tax on Big Businesses Stunt Its Economy?Governing,  Liz Farmer, May 23, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

IRS Exploring Self-Constructed Asset Interest Capitalization (subscription required), Tax Notes, Nathan J. Richman, May 22, 2018 [Peter Pentland, Manager]

Court Affirms Exclusion of Assumed Liabilities in Acquired Assets’ Basis Illinois Manufacturers' Association,  Anastasia Lowenthal, May 14, 2018 [Parr Thomson, Senior Manager]

Payroll Providers Say Clients Fear Losing Deduction Under Tax Law (1)Bloomberg BNA,  Laura Davison and Robert Lee, May 10, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]

INSIGHT: A Business Person’s Guide to the New Partnership Audit RulesBloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report, Don Susswein, May 7, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Business Tax Briefs: Pass-Through Advice; Banks Give RaisesBloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report, Alison Bennett, Laura Davison, May 1, 2018 [Don Susswien, Principal]

What the New Tax Order Really MeansTwin Cities Business,  Nancy Crotti, April 25, 2018 [Todd Jackson, Partner]

Tax Reform Friday: States Uncertain on Conformity, According to Bloomberg BNA’s 2018 Survey of State Tax DepartmentsBloomberg BNA,  Chreasea Dickerson, April 20, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

IRS Issues Blended Tax Rate Guidance for Fiscal Year CompaniesBloomberg BNA, Allyson Versprille, Laura Davison, April 17, 2018 [Stefan Gottschalk, Senior Director]

Pending Regulations to Address Withholding Tax on Foreign PartnersIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Josh Johnson, April 17, 2018 [Josh Johnson, Senior Manager]

Still need to file your taxes? Today’s your last chanceDayton Daily News, Kaitlin Schroeder, April 17, 2018 [Beth Grubb, Partner]

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Converting from S corp. to C corp.: Select issues for considerationThe Tax Adviser,  T. Christopher D'Avico, Lauren Pope Stalls, Ed Decker, April 1, 2018 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

Upstream, downstream: Upstream C reorganizations with a dropThe Tax Adviser,  Stefan Gottschalk, April 1, 2018 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

IRS assesses employer shared-responsibility payments under the Affordable Care ActThe Tax Adviser, Jill Harris, Michael Westendorf, April 1, 2018 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

Economic substance doctrine applied to conservation easementsThe Tax Adviser, Kathryn Proper, Trina Pinneau, John Deininger, April 1, 2018 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

Exiting the U.S. tax systemThe Tax Adviser, Rolando Garcia, Angela Qian, April 1, 2018 [Mo Bell-Jacobs, Manager]

The Ways and Means of Tax Planning With Life Insurance After Tax Reform (subscription required), Trusts & Estates,  Charles L. Ratner, Lawrence Brody, April 1, 2018 [Charles Ratner, Senior Director]

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Congress's Partnership Audit Fixes Do What IRS Couldn'tBloomberg BNA, Laura Davison, March 23, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Tax return deadline approaches, changes in store for 2018Carolina Coast Online,  Elise Clouser, March 21, 2018 [Jeanne Webb, Senior Director; Charlie Clontz, Partner; Joy Bell, Senior Director ]

Table of Experts: Tax ReformIllinois Manufacturers' Association,  Holly Dolezalek, March 16, 2018 [Jen Kalla, Partner]

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How-To: Avoid and Correct Tax IssuesLifescapes, Mark Tosczak, March 5, 2018 [Audrey Young, Senior Manager]

Forfeited Deposit Income Ordinary Not Capital GainForbes,  Paul J Reilly, February 27, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal; Rob Alinsky, Senior Associate]

Businesses look to maximize tax breaks under GOP planThe Hill,  Naomi Jagoda, February 25, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]

DC Dialogue: Tax Law ImpactNew England Cable News,  February 22, 2018 [Dave DiGuisto, Partner]

Wealth Transfer Planning After the Tax Cuts and Jobs, Charles Ratner, February 22, 2018 [Charles Ratner, Senior Director]

New Carried Interest Rules May be Affected by Recent Court DecisionIllinois Manufacturers' Association, Don Susswein, Rob Alinsky, February 20, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal; Rob Alinsky, Senior Associate]

How federal tax reform impacts the statesTampa Bay Business Journal, Brian Kirkell, February 20, 2018 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

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Proposed Bill Could Impact Income,  February 11, 2018 [David Greenwell, Partner]

Focus on Federal Tax Reform: Q&A with Justin Stallard Dayton Business Journal, February 9, 2018 [Justin Stallard, Partner]

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GOP Tax Bill Rewards Real Estate, Oil While Hurting HospitalsU.S. News & World Report, Andrew Soergel, January 1, 2018 [Don Susswein, Principal]



RSM Tax in the news - 2017

Who Wins in the GOP's Tax Plan?U.S. News & World Report, Andrew Soergel, December 22, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

How the wealthy can game tax bill's break for small businessCBS News, Larry Light, December 22, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Orrin Hatch ‘fesses up to special break in GOP tax bill that set off alarmsNBC News, Benjy Sarlin, December 19, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Pass-Through-to-Corporate Mass Conversion Unlikely to MaterializeBloomberg BNA, Laura Davison, December 19, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Key features of the Republicans’ final tax bill, NBC News,  Benjy Sarlin, December 16, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

‘Holy crap’: Experts find tax plan riddled with glitchesPolitico,  Brian Faler, December 6, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

Senate tax bill poised to hit R&D-heavy Massachusetts hardBoston Business Journal, Greg Ryan, December 4, 2017 [Al Cappelloni, Partner]

How taxes can impact your company’s plans for growthBoston Business Journal,  Al Cappelloni, Dec. 4, 2017 [Al Cappelloni, Partner]

What’s Ahead for Global Real Estate?Privcap,  Matt Malone, October 20, 2017 [Aureon Herron-Hinds, Senior Manager]

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5 key issues to watch in business tax reformBoston Business Journal, Anne Bushman and Lori Anne Johnston, June 11, 2017 [Anne Bushman, Senior Manager; Lori Anne Johnston, Senior Associate]

How to Stop Taxpayers From Gaming a Lower Passthrough RateBloomberg BNA, Laura Davison, May 31, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

IBM, Goodyear, DirecTV Still Owe ‘Retroactive’ State TaxesBloomberg BNA, Che Odom and Michael Bologna, May 23, 2017 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

IBM, Goodyear, DirecTV Still Owe ‘Retroactive’ State TaxesBloomberg BNA, Che Odom, Michael Bologna, May 23, 2017 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

How the House could modify border adjustment taxBloomberg BNA, Laura Davison, May 12, 2017 [Ramon Camacho, Principal]

A closer look: Real estate private equity funds brace for financial reforms and shifts in regulatory landscapeInstitutional Real Estate, Inc., Beth Mattson-Teig, May 1, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

State Governments Tax Sharing Economy Very Differently CPA Practice Advisor, May 3, 2017 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Wide Variance In States' Taxation Of Sharing Economy Uncovered By Bloomberg BNA SurveyBloomberg BNA,  May 1, 2017 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Survey Identifies Activities That Create Sales Tax NexusBloomberg BNA,  April 28, 2017 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

2017 Survey of State Tax Departments: States Specify Nexus Policies, Clarify Sourcing Issues, Address Other AmbiguitiesBloomberg BNA,  April 28, 2017 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

Trend Towards Market-Based Sourcing Continues, States Provide Industry-Specific Sourcing RulesBloomberg BNA,  April 28, 2017 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

States Identify Sourcing Rules, Clarify Application To Various Interstate and Intrastate TransactionsBloomberg BNA,  April 28, 2017 [Brian Kirkell, Principal]

A Contractor’s State Tax Planning ChecklistConstruction Executive, John Cavanaugh, Megan Lee and Danielle Panariello, April 27, 2017 [John Cavanaugh, Sr. Manager; Megan Lee, Manager; Danielle Panariello, Associate]

Who are the winners and losers in Trump's tax plan?CBS MoneyWatch, Larry Light, April 26, 2017 [Don Susswein, Principal]

New Commodity ETFs Might Raise The Eyebrows Of, Michael Thrasher, April 5, 2017 [Randy Matz, Principal]

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Proposed ‘hot dog stand’ regulations for spinoffsThe Tax Adviser, Stefan Gottschalk, April 1, 2017 [Mindy Tyson Weber, Senior Director and Trina Pinneau, Manager]

New reporting requirements for foreign-owned U.S. disregarded entitiesThe Tax Adviser, Brian Hayes, April 1, 2017 [Mindy Tyson Weber, Senior Director and Trina Pinneau, Manager]

Self-dealing exception solves estate settlement woesThe Tax Adviser, Audrey G. Young, April 1, 2017 [Mindy Tyson Weber, Senior Director and Trina Pinneau, Manager]

Tax planning for a nonresident entering the U.S. tax systemThe Tax Adviser, Rolando Garcia and Angela X. Qian, April 1, 2017 [Mindy Tyson Weber, Senior Director and Trina Pinneau, Manager]

Tax reform is likely to curtail some credits and incentivesThe Tax Adviser, Talia Schechter and Tom Windram, April 1, 2017 [Tom Windram, Partner; Mindy Tyson Weber, Senior Director and Trina Pinneau, Manager]

IRS issues reasonable internal-use software regulations for the research tax creditThe Tax Adviser, Rory Bertiglia and Tom Windram, April 1, 2017 [Tom Windram, Partner; Mindy Tyson Weber, Senior Director and Trina Pinneau, Manager]

Top Tax Mistakes Law Firm Partners Can AvoidForbes, Travis Russell, March 31, 2017 [Donna Stacia, Manager]

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New PATH for depreciationJournal of Accountancy, Dayna E. Roane, March 1, 2017 [Chris Atwell, Sr. Director]

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Tax reform and the economyAccounting Today, Joe Brusuelas, January 10, 2017 [Joe Brusuelas, Chief Economist]

State tax credits that encourage and reward growing businessesCincinnati Business Journal, Mark Blawas, January 4, 2017 [Mark Blawas, Senior Manager]



RSM Tax in the news - 2016

3 things to know about tax reform in 2017Tampa Business Journal, Dave Kautter, December 21, 2016 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

Trump’s Tax Plans Aim For Individual, Corporate Rate Cuts, New Incentives And More, Standard Federal Tax Report: Taxes on Parade , Wolters Kluwer, Nov. 17, 2016 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

Corporate Close-Up: Five Things to Watch For in State Corporate Income Taxes in 2017Bloomberg BNA, Lindsay Trasko, Nov. 15, 2016 [Brian J. Kirkell, Principal]

Tax reform looks likely, but companies advised to hold tightCompliance Week, Tammy Whitehouse,  Nov. 15, 2016 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

Will Trump be willing to compromise?, The Courier, Lou Wilin, Nov. 11, 2016  [Tom Windram, Partner]

Your Taxes Are About to Change—Perhaps Not the Way You Think, The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Laura Saunders, Nov. 10, 2016 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

The puzzle of Trump's massive losses, Politico, Brian Faler, Oct. 3, 2016 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

Clinton Releases 2015 Tax Returns; Paid 34% Effective Federal Rate--Update, Morningstar, Nick Timiraos and Laura Saunders, Aug. 12, 2016 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

Hillary Clinton Releases Tax Return, Pressuring Donald Trump to Follow, The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Nick Timiraos and Laura Saunders, Aug. 12, 2016 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

IRS Reporting Rules on Sales of Tractors, Trailers, Trucks Draws FireSmall Business Trends, Paul Chaney, July 21, 2016 [Trina Pinneau, Supervisor]

Obama’s legacy-defining week with businessThe Hill, Peter Schroeder and Naomi Jagoda, April 10, 2106 [Stefan Gottschalk, Senior Director]

Trump’s tax return soap opera, cont’d (subscription required), Politico, Bernie Becker, April 6, 2016 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

Back to Normal? Closing out a season marked by less drama, and the usual hurdles, Accounting Today, Roger Russell, March 25, 2016 

Five tips for filing your personal income tax return as we get closer to April 19Boston Business Journal, Matt Talcoff (RSM US LLP), Feb. 28, 2016 

IRS chief: ‘Rare’ for taxpayer to be audited several years in a row, as Trump claimsPolitico, Bernie Becker and Brian Faler, Feb. 28, 2016  [Dave Kautter, Partner]

Why PE Partnerships Need to be Rewritten (subscription required), Privcap andACG Middle Market Growth Weekly Don Susswein (RSM US LLP), Jan. 11, 2016

Americans: Pay Your Taxes – Or Lose Your PassportMSN, Yahoo! Finance and The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Laura Saunders, Nov. 20, 2015 [Dave Kautter, Partner]



International Tax

5 Considerations When Repatriating Cash For COVID-19Law 360, Natalie Olivio, April 17, 2020 [Adam Chesman, Senior Director]

3 Wish-List Items For Final Foreign Tax Credit Rules (subscription required), Law360,  Natalie Olivo, February 25, 2020 [Jamison Sites, Senior Manager]

Brexit and the impact on Value Added Tax Illinois Manufacturer's Association, Duncan Stocks, Feb. 27, 2019 [Duncan Stocks, Principal]

IRS Eliminates Current Tax on Certain Off-Shore Income Illinois Manufacturer's Association,  Ramon Camacho and Jamison Sites, Nov. 6, 2018 [Ramon Camacho, Principal; Jamison Sites, Manager]

Six Key Transfer Pricing Considerations for Multinational Companies Illinois Manufacturing Association, Tansy Jefferies, August 28, 2018 [Tansy Jefferies, Principal]

Thomson Reuters Hosts Panel on BEPS MLI and CbC Reporting at 2017 IFA Rio CongressThomson Reuters,  Robert Sledz, October 3, 2017 [Daniel Berman, Principal ]

Transfer Pricing is Still a Tax Risk for Multinational Auto SuppliersIllinois Manufacturer Association,  John Kim and Justin Stallard, September 11, 2017 [John Kim, Senior Director; Justin Stallard, Partner]

Florida Lawmaker Pushes Puerto Rico Exemption to Import TaxBloomberg BNA, Laura Davison, May 5, 2017 [Ramon Camacho, Principal]

What Could a Border Tax Adjustment Mean for Mid-Market Companies?Chief Executive, Craig Guillot, March 22, 2017 [Joseph Brusuelas, Chief Economist]

8 tax questions U.S. companies should consider before expanding overseasBaltimore Business Journal, Ramon Camacho, March 15, 2017 [Ramon Camacho, Principal]

What to know about the upheaval in international tax lawHouston Business Journal, Lisa Pinchin, February 1, 2017 [Lisa Pinchin, Senior Manager]

Tax Technology: A brave new world (subscription required), International Tax Review, Amelia Schwanke, Aug. 23, 2016 [Ian Sandler, Partner, RSM UK; Matthew Sontag, Manager, RSM US; Elizabeth Sponsel, Senior Manager, RSM US]

Smaller Acquirers Have Difficult Time with Inversion Rules (subscription required), WSJ | CFO Journal, April 6, 2016

The Attraction of InversionAccounting Today, Roger Russell, March 6, 2016

Expats Who Owe Taxes Could Lose Their PassportsAccounting WEB, Jeffrey McKinney, Dec. 14, 2015 [Dave Kautter, Partner]

Tax overhaul for multinationals will create winners and losers (subscription required), Financial Times, Vanessa Houlder, Oct. 18, 2015

Puerto Rico Debt Crisis May Force Changes in Tax IncentivesAccounting Today, Sept. 2, 2015 [Ramon Camacho, Principal]


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