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Musings on the great US tax debate


Businesses across the country, and no doubt around the world, are watching the upcoming U.S. election very closely. Despite the personal attacks and rhetoric, there are major economic issues that may be impacted by the results. 

I recently sat down with Amelia Schwanke of International Tax Review to discuss U.S. tax reform. We talked about the potential for corporate tax reform, what’s at stake with the upcoming election and the tax controversy surrounding internationally active businesses in light of the recent Apple case in Ireland.

The video below captures a portion of our conversation, where I discuss the four corporate tax areas most in need of reform and the international trade implications surrounding the federal value-added tax (VAT) program.


Read more opinions on the potential tax reform outcomes should Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election in Schwanke’s accompanying article: The great US tax debate: Will the next president embrace reform? (subscription required).

Dave Kautter