Strategy and Planning

Accelerate your future with strategic expansion guidance

When your company comes to a crossroads, deciding where to go next can be a challenge. RSM can help you with strategy, planning and finding answers to the questions that will drive your business forward.

At the end of the day, strategy is about choice, deciding between A, B or C. We help you evaluate each one of those options to accelerate your project decisions and execute your plans. As you consider high-risk possibilities for your company, our strategy and planning experts can help you find certainty by de-risking your choices.

We work to understand what’s important to your business and its key drivers. As your company grows and changes, we will help you determine the sequence of steps to optimize your next large project. This mobilization and business plan takes into account the people, processes and technology that you’ll need to implement it.

Global expansion advisory

If you’re struggling with where to go to expand your business, RSM’s global expansion advisory services team can help you with a data-driven process that eliminates nonviable options and increases efficiency. Taking your goals and objectives into consideration, we perform extensive research and business case development to draw a road map that gets you where you want to be.

How can we help you?

Need information on access to labor or optimizing the supply chain in the global market? We get the answers you need, by drawing on international industry data that’s relevant to your business. As an end-to-end service provider, we can bundle consulting and advisory on everything from taxes and credits to IT into your global expansion project.

Learn more about global expansion advisory.

Diversity, equity and inclusion services 

Organizations are embracing an understanding of their need for more efficient and effective leadership dialogue and prioritized diversity initiatives toward a more inclusive, high-performing workplace.  These organizations are looking to create an environment of acceptance and equal opportunity for everyone by identifying the challenges and differences that exist among employees so organizational leaders can determine what changes need to be made to address them.  Research shows that a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion will establish a culture of acceptance within the organization and also provide a competitive advantage to drive positive business results.

RSM follows our proprietary Rapid Assessment® methodology to assess our client’s current organization and practices through the lens of diversity and inclusion to identify future needs for change. RSM’s DEI assessments help clients achieve their business objectives by enhancing the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizational culture.

Business case development

You can develop a business case around any kind of major decision, because there’s always going to be a financial impact, whether you’re considering expansion, relocation or implementing a new IT solution. Business case development is key for high-risk, future-shaping capital expenditure projects and make-or-buy decisions.

If you’re having trouble determining what you need to include in your business case planning, RSM can help you with scenarios, cash flow forecasting, payback periods and return on investment (ROI). We use your financials to model your business case, so it looks like it came from within your organization. We work quickly, using a wide variety of data to build up some of the big buckets of costs into the financial model. Built-in toggles in the model allow you manipulate assumptions to see what things look like from a cash flow or payback perspective.

Portfolio management services

RSM’s portfolio management services are focused on the decision-making process by which investments (programs, projects and systems) are evaluated and selected based on their alignment with the goals and objectives of the organization. RSM provides two types of portfolio management—application portfolio management and project portfolio management.

Our application portfolio management is focused on the complete inventory of applications for either the enterprise or a defined business area. Our project portfolio management is focused on current and planned business and IT projects for either the enterprise or a defined business area.