CIO Support Services

Accelerate your future with experienced technology leadership

Many organizations require chief information officer (CIO) resources at varying levels for a short or undermined amount of time. The role of the CIO is not only important to align the technology to the corporate strategy, but also to have the industry and enterprise technical knowledge to drive initiatives.

When CIO support is needed, you must have an experienced asset to help lead and drive innovation decisions and align technology and processes to best support the business.  

The need for CIO support services can be evident in several different scenarios, including the following:

  • A company has gone through organizational changes and needs someone to step in and direct innovation decisions while seeking a replacement.
  • A CIO has left the company, and a leader is needed to come in and stabilize the information technology environment.
  • A company may have an inexperienced CIO that could benefit from an experienced mentor or coach.
  • The organization does not have the desire or resources to support a full-time CIO but requires ad hoc support.

How can we help you?

In addition, many challenges can arise from an initial IT assessment, signaling the need for supplemental IT support. These can include a new vision for the IT organization, or simply that internal resources are overextended or may not have the right level of experience to carry out the IT strategy for your business.

A CIO can fill several specific roles, depending on the needs of your business. Whether you need an operational CIO that manages existing processes, a transformational CIO that inspires positive change within the organization, or an optimization CIO that aligns your existing resources to your budget, RSM has the leadership resources that can make technology more of a strategic asset for your company.

RSM has developed three specific CIO support services, bringing extensive industry experience and best practices to help you reach your specific business goals.

  • Interim CIO services: Our interim CIO is intended to fill a temporary position to help shape the people, processes and technology of your business and elevate IT to where it needs to be within your organization. Typically, we pick up where the former CIO left off to ensure continuity and reduce the loss of productivity. We can also provide assistance in identifying candidates, interviewing and onboarding a new CIO.
  • Virtual CIO services: In a virtual CIO engagement, we provide supplemental resources to existing personnel, providing clear visibility into projects and for their owners, and delivering timely and accurate advice. This offering is tailored to your specific requirements and the maturity of your technology organization.
  • CIO coaching and mentoring: If technology is not meeting the needs of the business, we work with your existing technology leader to transform processes and strategies, formulating a plan and executing it over time to improve technology utilization.   

We have experienced CIO resources that cannot only offer advice on how to enhance your technology environment, but also utilize the full power of RSM to help make those changes happen. Whether it’s infrastructure improvements, business intelligence integrations, security and privacy, or even tax and regulatory advice, we bring a broad spectrum of additional, valuable insights to the table as a part of the CIO support process.   

In addition to our comprehensive CIO support services, we also offer a wide selection of scalable IT outsourcing solutions, from strategic planning to IT monitoring. Contact us to see how we can optimize your technology investments and make your innovation vision a reality.