Finance Program and Project Management Services

Comprehensive program and project management solutions

RSM provides finance and accounting specific program and project management services to drive your finance projects.  We build customized solutions and collaborate with all stakeholders to drive program and project success. We take ownership and cooperate with internal finance teams to make sure we reach the finish line – your company’s business objective or strategy.

RSM leverages consistent methodologies, including standards, templates and deliverables, with continuous enhancement. The professional services automation (PSA) tools and services your company needs to manage projects, from the very basic to the most complex, will be provided. With the automation of templates we help drive your organization’s major finance initiatives. 

Finance program management

RSM can help your finance organization achieve business results and meet critical deadlines by coordinating all initiatives related to the implementation of a business transformation program. Program management provides a framework so that finance projects within the program can get accomplished with a minimum of complexity and uncertainty for project teams. Through clear communication about the framework and scope, those teams can remain focused on delivery.

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Finance project management

Finance project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing and controlling the work of a project team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria by a particular deadline. RSM can help your company navigate the primary challenge of meeting all of your finance project goals within the given constraints such as budget, scope, schedule and quality. 

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