Finance Integration and Transaction Support

Providing the insight necessary to optimize your new finance function

When undergoing a transaction, determining the structure of the resulting finance function is a critical task. However, as with many key business decisions, timing is of the essence. Companies who are most successful with finance integration begin early, when access becomes available to the other business. They structure projects to minimize costs and maximize value, establishing the operating footprint to run finance on Day One.    

RSM’s M&A360TM framework drives seamless integrations and separations by taking a holistic approach to the transaction life cycle. We engage with due diligence teams from a pre-deal perspective to consider what an integration or separation will look like for your finance organization.

RSM aims to understand the finance department as early as possible, even assessing and planning during the due diligence phases. RSM sets the stage for success by focusing on several key items:

  • Day one: How will finance operate upon deal closure? Which mechanisms will be used to produce financials, maintain compliance and control and support the business?
  • Operating model: What will finance look like over the next few months? Looking ahead, how will services be provided and the business supported in the most efficient way possible?
  • Synergy tracking and realization: How will the organization identify, track and realize synergies tied back to the initial deal thesis?

How can we help you?

Providing the right insight for proper alignment

Leveraging our M&A360TM framework, we manage the transaction through integration or separation management offices and provide finance subject matter experts to assist CFOs in driving key stand-up activities, from pre-deal to long-term optimization. 

We do the legwork necessary to efficiently define the future state of the finance function. Focusing on everything from process development and system architecture design to integration between lines of business, RSM deploys finance and accounting functions that are scalable and sustainable. Our depth of resources helps precisely define the most advantageous structure for these and other critical areas.  

We’ll take the pre-deal investment thesis and synergy analysis and help you develop the tactical Day One projects to get the reporting done, stand up financials and begin developing the vision for your finance organization. Is shared services or outsourcing the right fit for your organization? Or perhaps a hybrid model, in which you operate two finance departments? We help you answer these questions, develop what the business processes actually look like and determine which technologies you should deploy during both the interim and the long-term future state.Flexible options to fit your needs.

Flexible options to fit your needs

In addition to our comprehensive framework, we also offer a sprint approach to M&A360TM that takes place at any time before deal closure. We assess your operating model from the macro level. outlining a road map for the separation or integration, including Day One projects and future initiatives such as operating model shifts and technology requirements. The sprint process provides significant value during a transaction by allowing you to head into deal closure ahead of the curve.    

A comprehensive perspective

Ultimately, we view your evolving finance organization through the lens of our target operating model while maintaining consideration of your people, processes, technology, data, reporting and controls. We look across each of these areas to determine where gaps exist within an integration or separation and where we can capitalize on synergies—or perhaps what your structure must look like to stand up in a carve-out scenario.