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Scrutiny of public companies’ ERP system controls by regulators is increasing. Management wants operational ERP control efficiencies so their personnel can perform their “day” jobs. Internal audit hopes to achieve auditing efficiencies through sound ERP controls testing and strengthen controls monitoring by using governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools.

Designing ERP controls, identifying optimal controls testing, or monitoring ERP controls that address the “holes” in your system can be daunting tasks. That’s especially true for complex ERPs like SAP or Oracle systems that have multiple settings and hundreds of controls.

Whether your organization is running SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, Dynamics AX, NetSuite or any number of other systems, RSM can help. Your RSM team members have extensive knowledge of ERP functionality and compliance regulations, including general controls, business automated and security controls.

Our years of experience working on ERP system controls in most major industries, qualifies RSM professionals to:

  • Conduct a holistic review of your business controls framework to identify automated control design gaps. We let you know if these automated controls are enabled in your system or whether configuration changes are necessary
  • Assess pre-implementation controls design through our ERP implementation risk services, or post-implementation controls to determine the extent of automated controls failures
  • Determine the extent of automated controls failures using “look-back” testing to identify fraud or business issues, or support substantive testing of failed automated controls, such as identifying duplicate posting of manual journal entries, or duplicate payments made for products received only once
  • Assess or monitor your ERP security controls, using RSM’s automated tools

Controls are at the heart of ERP system risk mitigation.

Make sure you work with the right ERP risk team. Professionals who have the controls knowledge and deep understanding of your system, industry as well as a business processes.

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