Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

An effective business continuity plan lets you resume operations quickly after a disaster.

Not all events that bring organizations to their knees are as dramatic as a major hurricane or 100-year flood. Even a lightning strike from a normal summer storm could disable key resources and disrupt your business. How quickly could you resume normal operations?

More than 20 years of business continuity and disaster recovery planning experience
Our professionals have helped organizations in almost every industry develop plans that allow them to continue important business operations and recover facilities, technology and other critical resources following natural, technical or man-made disasters.

Our services include:

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
Using our proven methodology and expertise, your organization's business continuity and disaster recovery plan is custom tailored to meet your unique needs. Our planning approach typically includes:

  • Identifying high-risk threats
  • Prioritizing the most critical business processes for recovery
  • Analyzing your existing disaster recovery capabilities
  • Determining IT and business (people, facilities, etc.) recovery strategies for each functional area
  • Documenting your plan
  • Training your staff
  • Updating and testing your plan to keep it current and effective

Business continuity plan assessment
Your existing plan is thoroughly assessed and evaluated to address important questions like:

  • Do we follow best practices and meet relevant regulatory requirements?
  • Following a disaster, do we understand our required timeline for restoring key resources and resuming business operations?
  • Are our recovery strategies sufficient to support a successful recovery process?
  • Will our employees, vendors and business partners receive necessary communications in the event of a major disruption?
  • Does our staff understand their roles and responsibilities, if a disaster were to occur?
  • Are my documented recovery plans thorough and useful?
  • Does our testing effectively validate our recovery capabilities while uncovering weaknesses requiring remediation?

Naturally, we follow up with meaningful recommendations that address any gaps or weaknesses in your current plan.

You need an effective plan─because you never know when disaster might strike. RSM can help.

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White Paper: Protect against disaster with business continuity plan

Evolving regulations and requirements and capability improvements have increased the expectations of your business continuity plan.

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