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RSM helps strengthen your regulatory compliance management system.

The financial regulatory compliance requirements related to the Dodd-Frank Act have increased in number and complexity —and so has your regulatory compliance burden. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), prudential and state regulators have sharpened their focus on regulatory compliance.

As part of these changes, regulators now expect a centralized compliance management system that includes, among other things, monitoring and independent testing.

RSM consultants don't just identify compliance violations then leave you high and dry. We partner with you and stay involved, helping you achieve long-term compliance with regulations.

Compliance solutions

When you need an effective, affordable, first-rate regulatory compliance solution, experienced RSM consultants are ready to help. Our services include:

Compliance management systems (CMS)—in line with CFPB requirements, financial institutions, specialty finance and certain nonbank entities must maintain a sound compliance management system. Your CMS should ensure your policies and procedures adhere to provisions of federal consumer laws and regulations.

Your CMS should effectively address:

  • Board and management oversight
  • Compliance program
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training
  • Monitoring and corrective action
  • Response to consumer complaints
  • Compliance audits

RSM professionals provide the independent view of your CMS and can readily suggest needed enhancements and improvements to bring you into compliance.

Rapid compliance assessments—RSM consultants will evaluate your program from a high level perspective to identify gaps within your program that may need to be addressed as you prepare for supervision from your prudential regulator.  Whether you are a financial institution that has been examined for years or a company that is new to the regulatory game; our consultants will review written policy and procedures, interview staff and analyze areas that could lead to a breakdown in your CMS. The review takes just a few days, but provides valuable strategies that should be considered going forward.

Ongoing & follow-up compliance assessments—RSM compliance consultants evaluate compliance issues and violations, explore and discuss regulatory changes and monitor your compliance maintenance efforts. We visit your organization from one to four times a year to conduct the assessments. During ongoing and periodic compliance assessments, we focus on testing the main functional areas, including lending, deposits, advertising, etc., to determine whether compliance standards are being met.

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) independent testing—RSM's methodology fully meets the requirements of the FFIEC Examination Manual and other regulatory standards. Examiners are comfortable with our testing program and familiar with our methodology because they routinely review our work-papers. We understand that your BSA/AML compliance costs are growing, so we constantly strive to streamline processes to complete your testing in less time, while continuing to deliver the personal attention and quality service you expect.

BSA/AML Automated System Data Validation—RSM's consultants will review different angles of your BSA/AML software used for monitoring suspicious activity to ensure that information from your core system is properly flowing and categorized correctly into your BSA/AML software.  We have worked with numerous core systems as well as numerous BSA/AML activity monitoring software. Gain confidence that your BSA/AML software is not missing crucial data in your efforts to identify suspicious activity.

Fair Lending Review Services—RSM approaches fair lending reviews with a two phase approach that can be applied individually or tied together depending on the institution's needs. Phase I is a Fair Lending Overview which entails a broad look across all lending products to identify fair lending red flags and risk factors. It includes a review of policies, procedures, underwriting and pricing guidelines, analysis of data points available for the loan portfolio, and a review of marketing materials and practices. Once red flags are identified, you can implement recommendations to minimize those issues and/or move to a focused fair lending review on the areas identified. Phase II is the more focused fair lending review and entails a vertical look down into a specific product, focal point and scope for comparative file to file analysis.

We also provide:

  • Regulatory compliance updates—with each compliance assessment, you receive a compliance calendar that includes an update and recap of the most recent and upcoming major rule changes with effective-by dates and deadlines. This vital tool helps you stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory compliance environment.
  • Regulatory compliance newsletters and webcasts—quarterly, you receive a complimentary copy of our compliance newsletter, containing financial institution regulatory compliance ideas, education and updates. We also provide periodic webcasts on trending topics in regulatory compliance so you have the information you need to stay on top of changing events.
  • Board of directors training—from time to time, board members can obtain insights into regulation-specific hot topics of the day during one-hour, specially scheduled sessions conducted by a RSM regulatory compliance professional.


RSM is a recognized leader in providing regulatory compliance consulting to financial institutions across the country. As a firm, we've made a significant investment in maintaining our reputation as one of the country's pre-eminent compliance firms.

Regulatory compliance is too important to ignore—and too important to trust to just anyone. We've gained the respect of hundreds of financial institutions, non-depository lenders, collection companies and regulators.

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