Security Awareness Training

Preparing your business for emerging cyberthreats

One of the most common ways attackers are breaking into companies is through sophisticated attacks targeting employees, often an organization’s weakest link. Further, even some of the most advanced technical controls cannot mitigate poor end user security practices. To that end, organizations must have an effective security awareness training program to ensure that their employees are able to identify and manage these threats.

RSM provides comprehensive and thoroughly tested customized security awareness training programs to help your employees recognize social engineering attacks and appropriately safeguard data. Our program includes assigning a qualified program owner, conducting employee awareness training and producing ongoing awareness content. The security awareness training program focuses heavily on several key areas, including:

  • Spotting and reporting sophisticated phishing attempts
  • Data protection policies
  • Password policies
  • Security ethics

Security awareness training is good practice for all organizations and is a regulatory requirement for many. RSM’s security awareness training enforces your organization’s security policies and maintains your security posture by preparing users to combat ever-growing cyberthreats.