Phishing Self Service

Effectively identifying and responding to phishing attacks

Phishing attacks manipulate unsuspecting users to perform an action, such as visiting a website that actually facilitates an attack against that individual or associated company. Phishing is the most popular avenue of social engineering, and it continues to be the most successful attack vector. As such, organizations in all industries need to ensure their users are able to identify and respond to phishing attacks.

Successful phishing attacks result in harvested credentials, compromised users, fraudulent wire transfers and massive data breaches. A lack of security awareness is the reason these attacks are so frequent and effective.

RSM advisors can help you understand your organization's susceptibility to phishing attacks by conducting a phishing quiz to evaluate your level of user awareness. In addition, King Phisher, RSM’s open source phishing tool, simulates real-world email phishing attacks, and is perfect for testing and promoting user awareness. It features an easy to use, adaptable architecture allowing you full control over your email phishing campaigns.

King Phisher can be used to run campaigns ranging from simple awareness training to more complicated scenarios to harvest user credentials. Using these campaigns, you can identify the effectiveness of your security awareness training, where weaknesses are and any individuals who may need special attention.

Security awareness training can only take you so far. RSM’s King Phisher puts the power of improving user awareness in your hands, allowing you to collect metrics and track trends in user awareness. The more you test, the easier it is for your users to identify a real attack and report it according to your policies. Contact RSM to learn more today.

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