Application Security Testing Services

Helping you identify vulnerabilities in your business applications

RSM’s application security testing services focuses on testing web, desktop and mobile applications in addition to providing training on better incorporating security into application development. We offer comprehensive static analysis assessments that analyze an application’s source code for potential vulnerabilities that could be leveraged by an attacker, and also a dynamic penetration assessment where we interact with the application like a typical end user. By using sophisticated tools to evaluate the application, we’re able to see what real-world malicious agents find useful in their attempts to gain further access to your businesses’ internal network or sensitive data.

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By utilizing RSM’s application penetration testing methodology, we’re able to view the application dynamically in a way that is similar to how a normal end user would interact with it. In this, we see what a real-world attacker would see as being potentially exploitable pathways to gain further access into the client environment or sensitive data. This provides our clients with an understanding of their applications’ security posture and what must be done to remedy these issues.

RSM uses industry-leading tools to scan an application’s source code for potential vulnerabilities and detect the most recently uncovered cybersecurity threats. We then provide our clients with tactical recommendations that immediately resolve these vulnerable spaces, and also strategic recommendations that intend to strengthen our clients’ overall security posture.

Who Needs This

Attackers often use applications as an attack surface to gain further access into an organizations’ infrastructure. By having a publicly facing application free of easily exposed vulnerabilities, an attacking agent would need to put in significantly greater effort in acquiring sensitive information. Businesses that currently host public web, desktop or mobile applications would benefit from our application testing services, as our tests provide a comprehensive review of vulnerabilities that might affect these applications.

Detailed Approach

When beginning our web application assessments, we begin a discussion with our clients about the application that we will be testing to gain an understanding of the size and scope of what the application does. In addition, we ask for any additional concerns that the client might have or specific things they may want us to test for (e.g., PCI compliance). Examples of the types of application security testing services RSM offers include:

  • Web application testing: Web application assessments find vulnerabilities in a businesses’ web applications that could cause compromises to sensitive data or disruptions to the organization.
  • Mobile application testing: These assessments determine how an attacker could compromise a mobile application or its associated data.
  • Developer training: This is a one-day course encompassing an overview of how to incorporate information security into application development.
  • Application architecture review: This examines the entire design of the application, developing potential attack methods and testing them to understand how they can affect the application and an organization.
  • Thick client application testing: A thick client application assessment reviews a desktop application for vulnerabilities across its various interfaces. It will test for vulnerabilities that could be triggered by the user of the application. It also tests for the secure storage of local data and the protection of any relevant intellectual property the client application may contain.
  • Secure software development life cycle (SecSDLC): Secure software development life cycle services help an organization define a process that fully integrates security into their existing software development life cycle.

Next Steps

Conducting extensive application testing is crucial for businesses with public-facing web and mobile applications. These tests detect potentially vulnerable segments of an application and demonstrate how an attacker might exploit them. To ensure that your applications are secure, contact RSM today for a thorough application testing.