Cross-compliance Mapping

Guidance on how to efficiently manage multiple frameworks and regulatory compliance standards by mapping their requirements.

Companies that need to comply with more than one standard at the same time often rely on multiple, siloed compliance teams. This approach is inefficient and misses the enhancements to return on investment driven by cross-team information sharing. Instead, an overall governance structure using similar processes (e.g., classification, data handling) reduces efforts while maintaining the most effective overall level of maturity for a security program.

RSM’s cross-compliance framework (CCF) allows your organization to understand the potential for ROI enhancement and risk reduction of each program. Our professionals work with you to understand the standards with which your company must comply, while also considering any framework that may already exist in your security program. We may recommend, as a good starting baseline, a full framework for your program that would help meet your requirements.

Our team then maps all relevant standards and frameworks, with a focus on eliminating redundancies and identifying areas of weakness. We next look at the current maturity level of your program, determine where it needs to be based on the CCF, and provide tactical and strategic recommendations to address the gap between these levels. This approach enables you to meet all compliance standards and also maintain an overall mature program.