Physical Security Assessment

Working with a third party to assess your physical security efforts provides feedback on how to strengthen your program across locations

While companies spend heavily to implement physical security controls at buildings, they do not always check that they are functioning as intended, or in a consistent manner. From casual trespassers to committed criminals to natural threats (such as fires and power outages), poor physical security can jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information—along with the safety of personnel. In addition, compliance frameworks for the payment card industry (PCI) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require strong physical security controls.

A physical security assessment can identify gaps and weak points that expose an organization to risk. An assessment can:

  • Determine and document the current security posture
  • Identify deficiencies and excesses in existing security measures
  • Compare the current posture with the needed level of security or protection

Whether an urban high-rise or a rural manufacturing plant, each site comes with specific physical security challenges and requirements. In a physical security assessment, RSM performs a walk-through of selected facilities and evaluates whether physical security controls are in place, effective and adequate. Our professionals probe perimeter defenses and access control systems, video surveillance and other essential controls. This uncovers any major gaps and vulnerabilities in these controls, helping organizations determine whether controls are working as expected.

RSM’s advice reflects our knowledge of the tools and techniques used by criminals to overcome physical defenses, along with ways to prevent, deter, and detect such threats. Our physical security team draws from backgrounds in military intelligence, financial services security, security auditing and community emergency response to take a broad view of threats and countermeasures. The team can pinpoint gaps in controls and recommend both tactical and strategic improvements that bolster security inside and outside of a site.

Our dedicated staff is here to help ensure your business has a plan to understand and manage your risk. Contact RSM today to help you get started.