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To recommend the best possible solution for your company, we offer a customizable approach

The technology marketplace constantly evolves—with a steady stream of options available to help you run your business. Deciding how to change your technology environment to support your operations, however, can be difficult.

Some organizations are using multiple, outdated systems while facing vendor-mandated upgrades or enterprise resource planning (ERP) consolidations. Others are investigating software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud offerings, business intelligence platforms or enterprise performance management solutions to create a competitive advantage. These initiatives can help drive better alignment between technology and business processes, spur profitable growth and permanent cost restructuring, enable real-time decision-making, and improve overall service to customers.   

To help you maximize the value of your technology environment, our software selection team has developed a collaborative selection process based on an understanding of your business and industry.

Customizable choices to meet your needs

Because each client has different needs and time constraints, we offer a variety of fully customizable software selection project options. All packages include defining your unique requirements, internal and external analyses with benchmarking of selected key performance indicators (KPIs), and demonstrations of potential software selection options. 

  • The comprehensive approach includes a thorough evaluation of multiple software options and packages. We send requests for information (RFIs) for customized proposals and live demonstrations to a wide range of vendors to give you several solution options to compare. We then work with you to evaluate the merits of each to determine which solution is the best fit for your organization.
  • With the accelerated approach, we work with you to narrow the field up front, and select up to three vendors for live demonstrations. This can remove two to three weeks from the process to help you get to implementation faster.
  • The fastest option is a fit-gap analysis. The rapid pace is made possible by RSM’s knowledge of your industry and the vendors you’re evaluating, helping you narrow your options to the top contender. This approach works best when you have just one or two decision-makers involved in the process, and are looking to make a selection as soon as possible.
Depending on the client situation, we may take one of three approaches to the software selection project:

At RSM, we bring you a flexible approach that aligns our capabilities and experience with your business strategy and objectives to target opportunities for improvement. This process results in improved processes and data, integrated software solutions, and enhanced operational and management reporting to support the overall business direction. Working collaboratively with your team, we deliver value at every stage and in each area where you need our help. 

The RSM approach minimizes risk and maximizes reward

RSM balances a consistent focus on key success factors with the flexibility to tailor solutions to each client’s specific needs and objectives. We bring deep experience, discipline and project acceleration tools to every client engagement. Our flexible methodology can be tailored to fit each client’s business needs and timeline. The approach includes:

  • Documentation of your current and anticipated business requirements
  • Documentation of requirements and processes for optimal due diligence
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities to reduce risk and develop comprehensive, effective solutions
  • Strategic relationships with vendors to objectively determine which solution will best meet your current and future business needs
  • A consistent client-centric focus and commitment to aligning your business needs, strategies and goals with the selected technology solution

RSM’s approach to software selection and implementation is unbiased and vendor agnostic, and takes a holistic view of each client. We take the time to understand your business drivers and then we partner with you throughout the process to help ensure project success.

In addition, RSM’s technology and management consulting teams have extensive experience working with clients across a wide range of industries. We also offer all of the benefits of the depth and breadth of a global firm, delivered with a hands-on, client-centric approach.

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