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Getting a handle on managing global compliance and reporting


Global compliance and reporting is often overlooked and expensive in both financial and time commitment terms. Regulations vary widely and are constantly changing which adds significant complexity and heightened compliance risk.  Too often companies are faced with significant financial penalties or are not allowed to enter or operate in a foreign country because they were unaware or misguided about a country’s local business regulations.  In keeping pace with the complexity of new rules and regulations in countries you are operating in, how do you reduce noncompliance risk and add value in a cost effective manner?

RSM’s global compliance and reporting services (GCRS) operates at the center of finance and tax departments with an integrated approach that spans across key statutory reporting processes within the record to report and tax processes.  This helps to deliver convenience, efficiencies and risk mitigation across a company’s global operations through real-time dashboards, providing visibility into a company’s compliance status worldwide.

The ‘record to report’ process, for many companies, means trying to coordinate with multiple service providers in each market you operate to produce accurate and timely deliverables.  Other companies may attempt to carry out statutory reporting tasks in-house using resources that are not likely local country subject matter experts.

Through all phases, RSM’s GCRS team proactively stays ahead of new rules and regulations by using a globally standardized approach and methodology along with a globally approved technology platform.  Accurate, reliable data begins with GCRS’s accounting, bookkeeping and payroll with compliance reporting obligations and reliable delivery of filings by GCRS’s tax and statutory reporting services to your worldwide operations.