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Managing global compliance by establishing control and visibility


Organizations with multi-jurisdictional operations face multiple challenges ranging from cultural and geographic concerns, to administrative and compliance considerations. While issues such as currency fluctuations or changing global economic performance are difficult to predict, other areas can be more actively controlled, including the management of global compliance and accounting obligations.

A centralized approach to global compliance

Mapping your global compliance risk profile and setting up a risk management strategy to address these areas is the best place to start. A centralized compliance management model can form a central pillar of this strategy with focus on mitigating risks and increasing efficiencies.

RSM's global project management office (GPMO) harnesses the local knowledge and skills of RSM's global network to delivery compliance and advisory services. Located in three hub locations - Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific - the GPMO teams span the global to ensure you receive timely insights when and where you need them.

Experienced, multilingual teams collaborate on global client service delivery through the RSM network, tracking your international compliance deadlines across all time zones, and providing cost-effective, efficient and centrally managed control and visibility over your global financial compliance and accounting processes.

Our approach to client service

RSM delivers services under an agreed-upon governance charter with our clients. This approach establishes a clear framework where objectives are aligned to transparent, proactive and collaborative working arrangements.

  • A dedicated point of contact. Clients have a single point of contact aligned with their organizational structure. This role is responsible for managing worldwide compliance obligations and tracking key filing and submission deadlines. You always have someone you can talk to who knows your company and your particular circumstances.
  • Active task management. Our GPMO team actively manages filing obligations. This might mean looking ahead to ensure data needed for upcoming filings is being captured and reported, or reaching out to a jurisdiction that has fallen behind previously to ensure it isn't happening again. The GPMO team becomes your eyes and ears to identify potential areas of risk and works to resolve any problem areas.
  • Filing status visibility. Dashboard tools provide a quick and easy overview of the status of all filings globally, so you can see what is needed and when, and rest assured that filings are managed properly.
  • Process standardization. By deploying the RSM network, clients can be sure the approach to their obligations is consistent across their operational jurisdictions. From project setup to daily management, the GPMO team provides quality assurance and oversight to ensure continued success and on-time delivery. You can be confident your filings are managed appropriately and consistently across the organization.
  • A central document database. Our technology can store filing documents centrally, ensuring you can always find the documents you need when you need them, with convenience and efficiency.
  • Local knowledge. Our GPMO teams share knowledge updates of both technical filing requirements in countries and local compliance practices with our clients. This means you can remain on top of local changes and practice, which may have implications for your business practices.

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