Global Project Management Office (GPMO) and RSM's Global Tracker

RSM's GPMO is your one-stop shop for managing global compliance requirements

For your global compliance and reporting needs, RSM's Global Project Management Office (GPMO) serves as your customizable "one-stop shop." In partnership with RSM International offices around the world, our U.S.-based PMO delivers services tailored to your organization's unique needs.
The advantages to you include:

  • A U.S.-based, single point of contact to manage various project team members around the globe, including coordination of knowledgeable, key local experts
  • Timely global reporting and filings
  • Proactive attention to key deadlines and potential issues
  • Ongoing communication and issue resolution across all project levels
  • Proven methodology and tools
  • Global Tracker – RSM's project management and global document repository software tool is Web-based and user friendly
  • Live, 24/7 access to project status, compliance calendar and issues
  • Access to key U.S.-based subject matter experts
  • A proven and effective solution that drives accountability and visibility

RSM's Global Tracker

Global Tracker is a task-based, project management tool and document repository to manage your organization's complex global compliance activities. Securely hosted by RSM LLP, this cloud-based solution enables dashboard reporting and document repository functionality customized to fit your specific needs. Deployed through a secure portal, the system is built on JavaScript and IBM technologies, and it's compatible with all major Web browsers.

Peace of mind and a lot more

Global Tracker provides you with effective control and overall visibility of your global compliance activities. This user-friendly, convenient tool enables you to manage all your global compliance requirements and project progress within one secure, Web-based system.

Most importantly, with Global Tracker you can assign accountability to responsible parties across the globe and track their activities, giving you the peace of mind that your initiative is being effectively managed.

Too much rides on global compliance efforts these days to leave them up to multiple providers in multiple locations with fragmented specialties. With RSM's GPMO, you don't have to.

Discover why RSM clients love our GPMO. Contact RSM today.