Blockchain Consulting Solutions and Services

Proprietary applications and guidance to take advantage of the blockchain platform

What truly differentiates blockchain from other technology solutions is its ability to provide indisputable verification of a transaction.

This valuable feature allows for the recording, execution and auditing of transactions as well as automating contracts in real time on distributed ledgers. It can be used for payments, securities issuance, contract automation and data transfers of all types.

Treatment of blockchain technology, processes and applications requires unique considerations.  Our accounting and consulting professionals apply deep industry understanding to issues including anti-money laundering, audit, data and asset custody, technology implementation, operational risk, regulation, taxation, and valuation.

RSM has also developed CLEARthru, the first enterprise resource planning-based traceability solution that provides consumer and business-to-business organizations alike the safety and product source information they need to make informed business decisions.

Contact us to discover how blockchain technology can work for your business. 

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