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Cybersecurity considerations and trends for board and audit committees


As cybersecurity threats continue to emerge and expand for companies of all sizes, boards of directors have an increased responsibility for overseeing how organizations address and respond to potential threats. While the board may not take an active role in cyber-risk management, effective and informed oversight is just as crucial to protecting the company. Therefore, board members must understand the depth and nature of the cyberthreats that their companies are contending with to remain vigilant and ensure long-term sustainability.

The following excerpt from the RSM US Middle Market Business Index Cybersecurity Special Report can help board members understand emerging cybersecurity issues and trends that may affect their organizations, as well as steps to take to enhance security and privacy efforts. Read the full report or:

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“Published in partnership with NACD, this outsert was originally packaged with the print edition of the September/October 2019 issue of the NACD Directorship magazine.”


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