Audit Capabilities and Approach

Understanding Your Organization
At RSM, we get it. Throughout the year and the audit process, we take the time up front to listen and understand your organization and the unique challenges that you face. We provide an engagement service team with the right skills and industry experience to address your needs and work with your staff to ensure a smooth and timely audit process.

As the largest accounting firm in the United States focused on the middle market, we understand the particular business needs and issues you face on a daily basis. We’ve also developed our own audit methodology, tools and training geared to the unique needs of middle market clients.

Face-to-face discussions throughout the audit process are critical to addressing key issues. Our engagement team will work closely with your team in the field throughout the audit to facilitate timely delivery of services and communications. Work with us, and you’ll experience a different approach to conducting an audit, review, compilations and agreed-upon procedures.

Understanding Your Industry
Each industry presents unique challenges, and while we can work with any industry, we have substantial experience and knowledge in the following areas:

Maximizing Value For You
We maximize value for your organization by treating the audit as more than just an annual report card. We also treat it as an opportunity to gather information and provide insight that can help your organization run better.

By carefully examining your organization’s recent results, a well-conducted audit can yield valuable business intelligence. The collected data collected can be turned into information and recommendations to assist you in better decision-making and improving future performance, including ideas for reducing waste, tightening controls and spotting trouble before it occurs.