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Private equity: Upping the ante for cybersecurity


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Staying ahead of the curve on cybersecurity is no easy feat, especially as hacking methods grow ever more insidious. The private equity industry has taken the threat seriously, upping preparedness and increasingly responding to inquiries from investors and regulators alike. But with restricted resources, both human and financial, and attackers that are always honing their skills, it has become a constant challenge for mid-market firms in particular to stay up to date on proper cybersecurity readiness.

RSM's Daimon Geopfert, security and privacy services practice leader, joined together with five other private equity and cybersecurity leaders to discuss best practices, managing third-party risk and keeping up to snuff with the regulator. Together, these experts offer insights on the importance of constant vigilance to protect against intrusions as the scope and severity of risks that cyber threats present have increased dramatically.

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