Consulting services for private equity firms

Helping you capture opportunities at every stage of the deal lifecycle

More than ever before, private equity firms today face headwinds coming from all directions. No matter what the challenge, private equity professionals are seeking outcomes and solutions that will create lasting value for their portfolio companies, their funds and ultimately their firm.

Whether your priorities include ensuring day one readiness for an add-on acquisition, transforming the back-office finance function, accelerating an integration to mitigate costly TSA fees, or managing cybersecurity risks, our consulting professionals are dedicated to delivering a tailored solution to meet your specific needs. RSM’s value-based consulting approach to private equity is rooted in our commitment to understanding your organization and strategy, and building a collaborative relationship. We are focused on helping you create enterprise value, drive profitable growth and optimize processes and technology for your fund and portfolio companies. 


To discuss how our team can help you solve your issues and address your business concerns, contact us by phone 800.274.3978 or submit your questions, comments or proposal requests.