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2018 Operating Partners Yearbook: Best practices for PE value creation


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The real power of private equity

In private equity today, money is cheap. In fact, the post-Great Recession boom in fundraising means that simply having a large pool of capital is no longer a great point of differentiation. What does differentiate a private equity firm is its ability to take that capital and, by virtue of its skill in running its portfolio companies, create real and lasting value.

We have assembled some of the best minds in private equity to explain how they turn struggling or “good” companies into great ones. Whether through identifying and evaluating cost and risk, transforming technology, managing a carve-out, or executing a “roll-up” strategy, these pages articulate the challenges facing private equity’s value-creation machine and how to overcome them. Produced in partnership with Privcap, this comprehensive 36-page report features expert insights from Blackstone, Oaktree, KKR, The Carlyle Group, RSM and others on topics ranging from cybersecurity to compliance, and technology due diligence to dealmaking. 

A sample of Yearbook topics include:

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