Creating transformative value through each stage of the investment life cycle

Today’s business landscape is increasingly sophisticated and unpredicatable; now more than ever, creating augmented value through merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions is paramount. Private equity firms need data-driven insights and outcome-focused solutions that minimize risk and maximize return on invested capital throughout the transaction life cycle:

  • Strategy and diligence
  • Integration, separation and transaction support
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Divest

RSM’s M&A360TM framework is execution-driven and centered on delivering measurable enterprise value by applying proven methodologies, industry knowledge and complete deal capabilities. M&A360TM takes into consideration each unique transaction structure—carve-outs, add-ons and platform acquisitions—and leverages technology, innovative approaches, and data-driven insights to assist clients in achieving their priorities.

How can we help you?

Strategy and diligence

Understanding your transaction needs and investment thesis gives us the ability to support you with acquisition strategy, holistic diligence—financial, tax operations, IT and cyber—as well as synergy planning and cost management to reduce your risk exposure and close the deal with speed and confidence.

  • Advises on financial, operational and market positioning to maximize transaction success
  • Effectively quantifies the risks, costs and opportunities associated with business transition
  • Accelerates transaction speed to close without compromising thorough planning for Day One

Transaction management

When the transaction finally closes, many people believe that the hard work is done. But in reality, it is just the beginning, and a poorly planned or executed integration will significantly diminish the value that the deal intended to deliver.

Identifying and minimizing risks, accelerating transition timelines and minimizing cost variability helps to ensure the transaction priorities and investment thesis are achieved—regardless of transaction structure.

Portfolio optimization

During the optimize phase, we help transform functional leaders and their teams, processes and technologies to support revenue expansion strategies, growth potential of acquisitions and expanded return on investment.

  • Drives process transformation to achieve maximized efficiency and effectiveness
  • Maximizes portfolio operations and financial performance to generate enterprise value creation
  • Transforms the role of the enterprise leaders–CFO, CIO, CISO, CHRO–to be innovative, nimble business advisors, agile and ready to thrive in an ever-changing environment


Our in-depth approach to preparing for an exit begins with late-stage optimization in key areas in order to maximize enterprise value, improve exit value and increase speed to closing.

  • Maximizes marketability and exit value
  • Accelerates the exit process
  • Identifies or mitigates risks that could adversely affect the valuation or salability

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