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Carlyle's mid-market team: We have a mega advantage


Insights from the best minds in private equity

In this three-part video series, Rodney Cohen, head of The Carlyle Group’s mid–market team, shares with Don Lipari, RSM's national private equity leader, insight on his career path, his perspective on Carlyle’s mid–market investment business, how he looks for value opportunities and what keeps him up at night. 


Perspective on the middle market


Career talk: From law to Carlyle Group

In this video, Cohen discusses his career beginning, how he transitioned from law to private equity, and what impressed him during his initial talks to join one of the largest private equity firms in the world. Cohen also shares with Lipari the tale of the “one that got away."


That time Dr. Dre met David Rubenstein

Rodney Cohen tells the story of how he sourced the deal for Beats, the wildly popular headphones company that ended up delivering a big return to its private equity backer. He also tells the story about a funny meeting between the co-founder of Carlyle and hip-hop legend and Beats co-founder, Dr. Dre—two successful entrepreneurs from very different backgrounds.

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