Don't underestimate the level of effort required. Bring in the assistance needed to help plan, strategize and execute a successful IPO or SPAC merger.

Operating in the life sciences industry can bring a variety of challenges, not the least of which is raising capital. Going public is a transformative event, and also a complex, distracting and time-consuming transaction which presents high execution risk.

Research shows that the most successful public companies started acting like they were public long before the transaction.

How do you accomplish this?

  • Simulate complying with Securities and Exchange Commission requirements
  • Convene the board and report quarterly results
  • Draft a press release that you send to your attorneys and the board for review
  • Practice forecasting earnings and comparing your actual performance for a few quarters

At RSM, we work with you to understand the company's financial statements from a public company lens, evaluate your current internal resources and skills, and help construct a realistic capital markets readiness road map for financial reporting and SEC compliance.

Is your life sciences company ready to go public?

Download our going public infographic to identify your level of readiness.