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In domestic and global markets, the challenges can be especially daunting for middle-market manufacturers. Internal resources may not have enough familiarity with some issues that are critical to the needs of the company. But a closer look can often be the bridge that changes those challenges into opportunities.

Whether it's global growth; transformational technology or intricate compliance issues, you can now get the in-depth understanding your company needs for a fast-paced, competitive industry--enabling you to turn information into achievement.

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The high cost of maintaining the tech status quo in manufacturing

If U.S. manufacturers want to remain competitive, they need to be proactive in their investments in and strategic use of technology.

Manufacturers can stay competitive with more strategic IT planning

To take advantage of all the efficiencies and opportunities that IT offers, budgets need to increase—or priorities need to shift.

Manufacturers pay a steep price for data vulnerability

Manufacturers pay a steep price for data vulnerability

When it comes to their own companies, many manufacturers feel it is unlikely that their data will be a target of any breach attempts.

Manufacturers should prepare for different types of cyberattacks

Manufacturers should prepare for different types of cyberattacks

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing and implementing security controls to protect against incidents.

Assess your IT security threat level

A baseline security self-assessment can give management an understanding of data security threats—and the likelihood of those threats occurring.

In challenging environment, manufacturers maintain positive outlook

Expectations are not quite as high as they were a year ago. Yet industry executives remain positive and anticipate healthy profits to come.

U.S. manufacturers should prepare for increase in foreign competition

Despite higher perceived risks, non-U.S. manufacturers plan to embrace an increasingly global mindset. U.S. companies should be prepared.

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